maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


Important Notice

To continue providing our high-quality services and ensure an exquisite customer’s experience, we would like to inform you that on the below-mentioned date we have scheduled a system maintenance that will effect parts of our services. The downtime period it is scheduled for necessary updates to be applied and may affect our website and training platform, ONLY for the following products:

• B&G Vulcan, Zeus 2    • SIMRAD NSS Evo 2, NSO Evo 2    • Lowrance HDS    • German Shipping Law    • UKLAP Grade 2    • ECDIS Basics    • ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots    • SafeMetrix MET-3S, MET-CSS

25th September 2019 at 13:00 GMT - 26th September at 20:00 GMT

Please be aware that all ECDIS Type Specific courses will not be affected.

We apologize for the inconveniences that the maintenance may cause. Please contact our Support Team in case you have any questions.

email: Skype: Tel.: 0049 40 55 56 57 915

Your Safebridge Team

SafeLearn e-Learning Platform

开始训练训练管理访问 SafeLearn


SafeLearn 平台的开发旨在为海事行业的传统课堂培训提供现代化且经济高效的替代方案。 SafeLearn 同时也作为其他各种电子学习课程的出版商,包括 Safebridge 企业在其运营过程中发布的课程。该平台旨在为企业和海员提供有效管理和实施培训的能力,同时提供以下功能:

✔ 完全基于网络,全天候访问

✔ 集中课程管理

✔ 高度直观和互动的课程功能

✔ 航海学院认可的完整认证和培训方法

✔ 与Safebridge的其他产品线集成

SafeLearn 平台与您的船员管理流程的集成和应用将简化您的船员培训流程并大幅降低相关成本,同时确保您的船员经过高效培训,从而达到所需的行业标准。

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