Webinar [Recap]: Mastering Daily Navigation for Watchkeeping Officers - Safebridge
Webinar [Recap]: Mastering Daily Navigation for Watchkeeping Officers

Webinar [Recap]: Mastering Daily Navigation for Watchkeeping Officers

Join our Product Manager – Valentinos Steliou and our Nautical Instructor – Marvin Bielek to find out how to equip seafarers with the appropriate knowledge in combining classical navigation and modern-day technology onboard your ships.

While the rapid advancement of the navigational equipment continuously improves the overall safety of navigation, bridge officers face a new kind of challenge. The latest technological shifts often lead to over-reliance on machines and the classical navigation moves out of focus. Combined with the complexity of the equipment interface, it is becoming increasingly clear that watchkeeping officers must be able to practice classical navigation concepts in conjunction with modern-day technology.

In this webinar, you will:
  • Learn how the latest technologies impact the ability of watchkeeping officers to practice key navigational concepts
  • Understand how our latest online training “Mastering Daily Navigation” can help cadets, bridge officers and experienced captains overcome this barrier and get the most out of classical and modern navigation concepts.

At the end of this webinar we held a live Q&A session where the attendees received answers to their questions regarding the topic and the course. Here is an example of a great question asked by one of the attendees:

Question [Leonid]: The speed of digitalisation of any equipment and methods onboard the vessels grows every day but its good only from one side, in my opinion. Is there anyone in this chat who can calculate the position using a sextant for example? Why do we have two ECDIS, ADP, ENP and only one position system in GPS and nobody knows how to resolve this?

Answer [Marvin]I think actually yes, I would be able to calculate the position from a sextant if of course, I have my little book of formulas with me. Not by heart, but it is another questions if I would be able to find the star. So I could do it on sunrise/sundown. I fully understand the point that you are making. We are relying a lot on the equipment. With each equipment that we have, we are usually trying to have, or it is mandatory to have backup systems. As you said, you have two ECDIS, two ADPs etc. Of course, you will also have at least two GPS, so in essence, the equipment on board is failure-proof. However, even if I have two GPS receivers, if the GPS system does not work correctly, I have this issue, and that is definitely true. This is one of the things that we are also trying to address with our courses.

Watch the full recording of the webinar below:

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