Your SafeLearn account is being upgraded to Trainingportal - Safebridge

Your SafeLearn account is being upgraded to Trainingportal

Following the acquisition of Safebridge by Mintra, all SafeLearn accounts will be upgraded to a new and improved Learning Management System (LMS), Trainingportal. This upgrade will include all respective user data, including order details, course details and certificates.

Our top priority is ensuring a seamless transition process with minimal disruption for all customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – our team are always happy to help.


How Trainingportal drives growth & success

As part of the upgrade, users will get access to all of the standard Trainingportal functionality, with many more add-ons available

Standard features
  • All-in-one platform – Manage all your L&D in one place
  • Data storage -A single location for all user & learning data​
  • Course library – Access a comprehensive library of 2,500+ courses​
  • Continual support – Expert assistance – live chat, email & tutorials
Platform add-ons
  • Competency management​ – Unlock total learning and competency management coverage
  • Offline mode ​- Use Trainingportal anywhere with offline mode for vessels and remote sites
  • Appraisals​ – Enable annual performance reviews and assessor functionality
  • Create courses – Create tailored learning experiences for your workforce
  • Sell courses​ – Sell courses via Trainingportal’s network of over 2 million registered users
  • Surveys​ – Capture post-course feedback to help improve content and processes
  • SSO ​- Single sign-on provides secure access without logging in every time
  • Maritime bundles – Get maritime-specific courses at discount prices

Use Trainingportal anywhere, any time


The Trainingportal app, available to download on both Apple and Android devices, enables learners to access their courses and certificates on the go. Content can even be downloaded and stored on mobile devices, meaning courses can be completed without the need for internet connectivity.


As a welcome to Trainingportal, migrating SafeLearn customers have been granted 45-day free access to Mintra’s award-winning maritime course library.  The courses are pre-installed on Trainingportal and system administrators can immediately start assigning to their learners and experiencing the advanced system functionality. Unlimited numbers of courses can be assigned and completed with the 45-day period.


”This offer to SafeLearn customers is entirely free and with no obligation to buy. Mintra has one of the most modern and comprehensive libraries of maritime courses on the market. Making these courses freely available demonstrates our confidence in the product. Once sampled, both learners and system administrators will see the unique benefits of Mintra digital learning.”


Mintra CCO



What will happen to my existing Safebridge account? 
Once your new account is created and your data is migrated into Trainingportal, your Safebridge account will be discontinued.
What will happen with the data of my previous company/user account, including orders, certificates, and other records? Is this compliant with GDPR?
All your data will be migrated over to your new account in Trainingportal. The processing of personal data for the purposes of this migration is in full compliance with the GDPR and in accordance with the consent you have granted to Safebridge.
What will happen with the data of my previous company account, including orders, certificates, and other records? 
All your data will be migrated over to your new account in Trainingportal. 
What will happen with the available licenses of my company?
All available licenses will be transferred under your new Trainingportal account, and you will be able to continue your day-to-day operations normally. Licenses which have expired in Safelearn will not be migrated to Trainingportal. You may use these licenses until the migration takes place.
Do I need to create a new company account in Trainingportal? 
We will handle the migration of both your company and user account. To access your account, you will need to use your current email address and reset your password.
If a seafarer has started a course, in which platform will they be able to complete it? 
All seafarers/users will be notified in advance that they need to complete their training courses within SafeLearn by a specified date. If this date passes and the course remains incomplete, they will be required to restart the course within their new account in Trainingportal.
My company uses Safebridge platform for psychometric assessments. What will happen to my account?
Your SafeMetrix account will not be affected by these changes, and you will be able to continue your operations normally. 
Which terms apply for the use of Trainingportal?
The End-User terms of service ( and Privacy Policy ( of Trainingportal presented upon first login will apply to all migrated users.

Any other terms agreed between Safebridge and Customer will continue to apply for products and/or services purchased prior to the migration. Thereafter, unless otherwise agreed in writing, any new purchases will be subject to the terms and conditions of Mintra. (
What are some key functionality changes?
End-Users have a fixed number of test attempts to pass each course and, if all attempts are failed, no additional test attempts can be offered. In the case where End-User fails to pass the test within the test attempts provided, a new course license is required to be assigned to the End-User.
Will I receive training on how to use the new platform?  
We will contact you about live webinars that will be available prior to the migration showing exactly how to use the platform. We also offer full video and written documentation online for Trainingportal, available here:
What is the estimated duration for the account migration process?
On a specified date, your account migration will commence. The duration of the migration process will depend on the size of your business account. During this time, your operations will be temporarily paused, and once the migration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the successful transfer.