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Trainingportal Legal Information


  • Estimated time of migration – one (1) day – during that day, the customer’s operations will be paused until the TP account is ready. The customer will be notified via email upon migration completion and/or via the designated KAM.
  • Any urgent assignments should be performed in advance and provide adequate time to the end users to complete the course. If the user fails to complete the training within that timeframe, the user will need to revisit the content from the beginning.
  • The processing of personal data for the purposes of this migration is in full compliance with the GDPR and in accordance with the consent you have granted to Safebridge.
  • Licenses which have expired in SafeLearn will not be migrated to Trainingportal. You may use these licenses until the migration takes place.
  • Highlighted functionality changes:
  • ECDIS courses have a validity period of twenty-one (21) days commencing on the course start date. During this period End-User will have full access to the course and related functionality and material whether or not the course has been completed. Following this period, End-User will no longer be able to access the course or related functionality and material.
  • End-Users have a fixed number of test attempts to pass each course and, if all attempts are failed, no additional test attempts can be offered. In the case where End-User fails to pass the test within the test attempts provided, a new course license is required to be assigned to the End-User.
  • The End-User terms of service ( and Privacy Policy ( of Trainingportal presented upon first login will apply to all migrated users.
  • Any other terms agreed between Safebridge and Customer will continue to apply for products and/or services purchased prior to the migration. Thereafter, unless otherwise agreed in writing, any new purchases will be subject to the terms and conditions of Mintra.

SafeLearn Upgrade Access


Terms and Conditions


What’s included

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, this access allows SafeLearn customers to have exclusive use of the Mintra Maritime Library for 45 days. During the 45-day period, SafeLearn customers can have unlimited use of the Mintra Maritime Library and enrol as many users as they wish.

How to Claim

SafeLearn customers will be automatically provided with access to the Mintra Maritime Library on the day they are migrated over to Mintra’ Trainingportal.  This will be communicated via email sent prior to migration and also on the webpage dedicated to SafeLearn customers.

  • The SafeLearn Upgrade Access consists of access to the Mintra Maritime Library for 45 days from the day they are migrated over to Mintra’ Trainingportal.
  • Administrators will have 45 days from the date of migration to enrol Students onto courses.
  • Administrators can enrol as many students as they wish onto courses during the 45-day period.
  • Students have 45 days from the date they are enrolled on a course to complete the assigned course.
  • Once the 45-day access to the Mintra Maritime Library has passed, SafeLearn customers will require a subscription per Student for continued access to the Mintra Maritime library. Subscriptions can be purchased for a discounted price of $9.90 per user, per month, charged annually and must be purchased before 30th April 2024.
  • The offer does not include Third-Party courses. Should the customer want access to Third-Party courses, they must be purchased separately and for the price advertised in the Shop.
  • Should customers not wish to partake this offer, they need to email their account manager prior to upgrade.
  • Users who do not complete courses within the 45-day access period, their courses will be set to “expired”, unless a subscription to the Mintra Maritime Library is purchased.
  • Should a subscription not be purchased before 30th April 2024, but access to the Mintra Maritime Library is still required, a subscription can be purchased for $14 per user, per month, charged annually.
Additional Terms
  • By participating in this offer, you automatically agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  • Unless otherwise provided above, access to and use of the products and services made available with this offer are governed by the existing agreement and/or applicable terms and conditions and/or terms of use agreed by the parties.