maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


SAFEYACHT – training for yacht navigators!

Are you a passionated sailor? Match your passion with safety and get more confident onboard. Use SAFEYACHT.

SAFEYACHT: a full stack training for the best bridge equipment. It uses the e-learning methodology with an additional unique feature, giving access to the real software of the final device.

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How does it work:

1. Get the SAFEYACHT app 2. Familiarise yourself with the system you have on board by interacting with the real device’s software in a safe environment (3. Recommended: Make the final exam to test your knowledge – Follow the procedure for the ECDIS type-specifics here) 4. Match your passion for the ocean with safety. Enjoy the sea!

Product benefits

Ideal training conditions: SAFEYACHT gives you the great opportunity to access a virtual  machine in order to interact with the real device’s software via FreePlay – this means you can train on the very same manufacturer´s software you are going to use on board of your yacht.

Availability: Anywhere, anytime – SAFEYACHT is a cross-platform application. The suite can be installed on mobile tablets (iOS/Android) and it also runs as a web-browser app. The app is available offline and when you go online, it gives you secure access to virtual machines running the original device’s software. Become a professional, even when you are already on board of your yacht. 

Professionalism: With SAFEYACHT you can be sure to train the software on a professional level. The guided video tutorials are created by highly educated mariners, specifically for you. The extensive glossary is directly linked to the corresponding training instructions. After passing the test, a valuable certification of competence will be at your disposal.

FreePlay: Access a virtual machine to interact with the real device’s software via FreePlay and take your time playing around in a safe environment.

GuideMe: This mode displays the content of the training course in audio-video tutorial.

TestMe: The TestMe allows you to perform the final exam based on real scenarios. You will be asked to answer questions and complete tasks of varying degrees of difficulty concerning the use of this software on the live system.

Glossary: The collection of used terms is extensively referenced throughout the training, allowing the user to refresh his knowledge on the technical terms used in the Chartplotter.


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Interested in SAFEYACHT?

SAFEYACHT is available for tablets on Google Play and on the App Store. You can always contact our Sales team for the web based version. This is a product for professional yachting on small vessels, yachts and various types of boats, at your disposal anywhere, anytime. Visit:

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