SafeLearn LMS: Host, Create and Manage your Training Online

Host your training online on the SafeLearn LMS

As of May 2020, SafeLearn introduces a new line of service
SafeLearn for Business, allowing you to host your training online through the SafeLearn LMS.

Host your training online on the SafeLearn LMS

Flexible pricing

Scale your business based on actual demand and the number of active monthly users.


Boost your sales by listing your course on the Safebridge Web-Shop and gaining direct access to thousands of targeted users.

Web-Based Access

Easily manage, assign, and administer your training in a central online-based platform.

Why choose SafeLearn LMS

SafeLearn online learning management system (LMS) is ideal for hosting internal and external training courses of any company or training provider. Our platform gives you the maximum benefit of e-learning while also offering you a range of valuable add-on services.


If your training materials are ready and available in the required format, our team will upload it to the SafeLearn LMS. Alternatively, our experienced content development team will create an online course on your behalf and in line with your requirements.

Moreover, you may also enter an agreement and sell your hosted training through the Safebridge online shop, giving you direct access to thousands of potential and targetted customers.

Move your training forward

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