maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


SafeLearn Enters Cooperation Agreement With Conapra – Brazilian Maritime Pilots’ Association

It is with great pleasure that we announce the cooperation of SafeLearn with Conapra – Brazilian Maritime Pilots’ Association. Specifically, the cooperation involves a five-year license agreement of the use of the generic part of the SafeLearn ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots’ course. The course will be available on the digital application of Conapra for further use by their members.

This is an honour to be recognised for the high quality of our maritime solutions, by an Αssociation such as Conapra, a professional non-profit organisation, dealing with issues related to pilotage and representing the nation’s Maritime Pilots’ organisations.

The SafeLearn ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots course was developed especially for the needs of Maritime Pilots as both an informative course and a familiarisation tool. The course was created for Pilots operating the onboard ECDIS equipment covering their required generic ECDIS training with the objective to understand the navigational functions of ECDIS, and to familiarise with the features that are common to all ECDIS systems, amongst other essential specifications.

Read more about the course on SafeLearn’s official website.

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