maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


SafeLearn e-Learning Platform

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Platform Overview

The SafeLearn platform was developed to offer a modern and cost-effective alternative to the traditional classroom-based training in the maritime industry. SafeLearn is also the publisher of a wide range of e-learning courses including those released by Safebridge over the course of its operations. The platform is designed to offer companies and individual seafarers the ability to efficiently manage and carry out their training while offering the following features:

✔ Entirely web-based and accessible 24/7

✔ Centralised course management

✔ Highly intuitive and interactive course features

✔ Full accreditation and training methods recognised by the Nautical Institute

✔ Integration with other product lines of Safebridge

The integration and application of the SafeLearn platform into your crewing management process will streamline your crew training process and substantially reduce the associated costs, while ensuring that your crew is compliant with and trained up to the required industry standards.

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