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What is SafeMetrix and Why it Was Created
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What is SafeMetrix and Why it Was Created

SafeMetrix is an online assessment platform created to help companies in the maritime industry make better crewing decisions using relevant industry-specific data. Our web-based, integrated platform supports the entire crew assessment cycle from assigning tests to collecting data and generating comparative reports. Its functionality allows for delivering of actionable intelligence and otherwise hard-to-obtain data at a very quick pace.

The product was created in partnership with industry experts and the seafarers as a response to the accidents at sea. For many years the maritime industry was preoccupied with technical skills paying lip service to non-technical aspects of performance such as soft skills and cognitive abilities. Sadly, great tragedies at sea have been caused by the failure in decision-making or assertiveness rather than by deficiency of seagoing experience or knowledge.

The SafeMetrix portfolio is currently focused on delivering maritime-specific psychometric assessments for the crews' non-technical skills. These skills are increasingly important for both the wellbeing of the seafarer and the overall safety of the operations at sea.

MET-3S: Soft Skills for Seafarers assesses the soft, non-technical skills of the crew, covering three clusters of skills: coping under pressure, interpersonal skills and self-management, which are key to ensure a safe work environment and the reduction of accidents.

MET-CSS: Cognitive Skills for Seafarers - a series of tests addressing the key cognitive functions like memorisation, problem sensitivity and information ordering that underlay awareness of the situation on board.

SafeMetrix aims to deliver reliable, hard-to-obtain data on the current level of skills within a company and how the company measures against industry-specific norms. This way, any skills mismatch can be tackled in order to improve selection, retention, training and promotion of the seafarers while also improving their general well-being and safety on board.