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What is SafeLearn and Why It Was Created
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What is SafeLearn and Why It Was Created

As they say, “time is money” and the way we “design” our daily schedules nowadays, we want things to be much simpler, cheaper and faster. Moreover, when we are referring to professional education, time becomes even more significant and valuable. We want cost-effective solutions that bring desirable results, and consequently, help us to succeed in our careers.
E-learning has emerged as the modern-day solution to these issues and challenges. “Moving” outside of the traditional classroom, e-learning takes the education online, whenever and wherever you are. Convenience, flexibility and credibility are some of the key values that e-learning has brought to the world.

Introducing SafeLearn and how it can work for you

SafeLearn is a product line of Safebridge and was specifically developed for the maritime industry. It is an e-learning platform, built on 25 years of experience in the maritime education niche and the feedback collected from the industry in the process. SafeLearn was created to offer companies and seafarers a modern and intuitive alternative to traditional classroom-based training.

SafeLearn – the e-learning solution for the maritime industry

For an industry as complex and demanding as the maritime industry is, the importance of upgrading and modernising the education for seafarers is essential. After all, by streamlining the maritime training methods, you not only save valuable time and money but also build a path towards a safer environment and the smooth operations on board.

E-learning with SafeLearn done right – Key Features:

✓ Entirely web-based platform with courses that are fully accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device
✓ Fully accredited courses in line with regulatory requirements and/or with manufacturer approvals
✓ Centralised course management allowing to manage, schedule and assign courses with ease
✓ Significant cost reduction when compared to classroom-based training
✓ 24/7 support by a highly experienced professional team

As a publisher, SafeLearn features a wide range of e-learning courses including those released by Safebridge over the last ten years. These include, but are not limited to ECDIS Generic Training, ECDIS Type-Specific Refresher, ECDIS Type-Specific Training and Shipping Law. SafeLearn utilises modern, intuitive and highly interactive features and unique teaching methods in its courses, designed to offer the seafarers the knowledge they require for safe and efficient operations at sea.

In an effort to promote the highest quality e-learning experience for the seafarers, SafeLearn aims to continue producing innovative and powerful concepts to support the maritime education, thus promoting a safer and healthier work environment through proper education of the crew.