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The Era of Online Learning in the Maritime Industry
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The Era of Online Learning in the Maritime Industry

October 4th, 1957: launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite; a sophisticated technology, which stimulated the desire to explore “space”, reaching new concepts in communication and inspiring a generation of engineers and scientists for many years ahead.
One could argue that the impact of that technology, perhaps that philosophy if you like, continues to influence our everyday operations; through non-stop technological advancements which transform our operations in almost every aspect of our lives, even education, in general, and maritime education in particular.
It is without a doubt that these technological advancements influence the way seafarers gain their knowledge nowadays, or do they? Do companies accept this philosophy or most importantly, do they know how e-learning can add to the quality of their day-to-day operations on board?

So, consequently, the argument here is simple: how can e-learning transform the maritime industry of tomorrow, and what is the current status?

There is no solid reason as to why maritime knowledge should be immune to the benefits of e-learning. Seafarers and industry professionals, require both knowledge and skills to be efficient at their duties and practice safety on-board. Aside from training excellence, technology produces benefits, that cannot be met with the traditional training methods. Technology can improve access to training, offer e-learning opportunities anywhere in the world, thus allowing a more flexible training delivery model. The optimisation and improvement of the training materials become more efficient due to easier access to trainee feedback and results. Evaluating a trainee in different areas has never been easier, and the list goes on.

Fact is that e-learning has been around, it has been researched for a long time, and we could safely conclude that it serves all the above-mentioned ways for knowledge acquisition, connecting the global and multicultural maritime industry and streamlining the associated processes.

Professionals of almost 90% of the companies operating in, or providing services towards the maritime industry are coming across e-learning throughout their occupations at least once every quarter. 65% of the companies operating in the maritime industry are accepting services through a partner offering a type of e-learning solution or are in the process of digitalising at least one section of their internal training operations.

The future of e-learning lies in discussing, on how to best apply these strengths to an industry in need of better ways of education, towards a more uniform training which offers notable results and adds to the quality of daily operations of both the company and the seafarers themselves.

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