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The Driving Force Behind SafeMetrix
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The Driving Force Behind SafeMetrix

Developing a successful and niche specific platform that truly delivers outstanding results is a hefty and complex task. It is a process that requires a high level of expertise, numerous hours of research, analysis and of course people. When we decided to develop SafeMetrix we elected to directly collaborate with the future end-users of the platform, the people that could offer valuable input that would further translate into a truly custom-tailored solution.
The Industry
SafeMetrix is a product that was developed with the industry rather than for the industry. From the very early conception stage, the development of the SafeMetrix platform and the associated research relied heavily upon partnerships with some of the leading experts in the field including:

• Leading maritime companies
• Individual industry experts
• and of course, the seafarers themselves

All of these people, the associated research and data collected in the process have acted as the backbone and the core driving force behind what SafeMetrix platform has become today.

The Safebridge Team

With more than 25 years in the maritime industry, Safebridge has established itself as one of the leading companies offering full-stack, innovative digital human resource management solutions. The company stands for innovative and progressive concepts and has channelled all its expertise, global reach and the in-depth knowledge in the maritime industry towards the development of the SafeMetrix platform. The company employs close to 100 professionals, many of which have participated in the development and the delivery of the platform. Amongst these 100 professionals is the immediate management team of SafeMetrix:

The SafeMetrix Team


Dr Luiza Shahbazyan – is the Product Manager of SafeMetrix. She is responsible for defining, designing and developing assessment products that meet the needs of the maritime industry. She oversees the coordination between engineering, sales, marketing, support, research and industry partners, to ensure the quality of the products and the satisfaction of the customers. She holds a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology and has interests in how evolving technology is changing the work and life onboard.


Mr George Kazantzidis – is the Assistant to the Product Manager. He works in close collaboration with sales and marketing to gather business intelligence and inform the evolution of Safemetrix, to forge strong relationships with clients and achieve the sustainable commercial success of the products. Mr Kazantzidis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Planning & Information Systems.


Ms Maria Synnou – is the Product Expert of SafeMetrix. She coordinates the research and development initiatives, related to Safemetrix, both internally and externally, ensuring that the products are based on thorough and reliable data and follow best practices. Ms Synnou holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Up until this day, the SafeMetrix team continues its strong collaboration with the industry and the seafarers to stay in the continuous and successful development of new and custom-tailored solutions for the platform and the entire maritime industry.