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SafeMetrix MET-3S in Tagalog and Greek
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SafeMetrix MET-3S in Tagalog and Greek

A significant step towards the continuous pursuit to ensure the highest quality of its assessments is on the horizon for SafeMetrix. The platform broadens its prospects, aiming to target the Philippino and Greek market.

Specifically, Dr Luiza Shahbazyan, Product Manager, stated that Safebridge is currently running a project (ENTERPRISES/0916/0028), that is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation, aiming to translate SafeMetrix MET-3S in Tagalog and Greek, as well as enhance the product’s platform.

During the one year of the project’s duration, SafeMetrix implemented various solutions to ensure a superior professional outcome. As an initial step, the company used different translation providers in order to receive comparable, professional conversions. Moreover, a committee of experts in the maritime industry is assembled in order to evaluate the translations and ensure accuracy. Valuable feedback is additionally provided by a focus group, comprised of active captains, so as to have clear and understandable translated versions of SafeMetrix MET-3S.
Upon the completion of this intensely significant and challenging project, the final step will be to put the assessment in use, in both languages, respectively. Greek and Filipino officers will be assessed with the translated versions of SafeMetrix MET-3S, and the results will be used for validity checks and the creation of a National norm-reference group.

Apart from the translations, SafeMetrix is additionally enhancing the UI/UX and platform security, based on International Test Commission guidelines.

Both the translations and the platform’s enhancement, are two substantial steps to safeguard the utmost professionalism of SafeMetrix MET-3S, to guarantee its smooth operation.