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SafeMetrix Integrated Reports With an On-Demand Psychologist
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SafeMetrix Integrated Reports With an On-Demand Psychologist

SafeMetrix releases a new service enabling companies to enhance the MET-3S and MET-CSS psychometric assessments with on-demand report interpretations by a professional psychologist.

SafeMetrix now gives you an option to choose between a standard or integrated report of seafarer’s psychometric assessments. A standard report provides companies with a view of seafarer’s soft or cognitive skills, while the integrated reports offer additional analysis into the assessments prepared by a professional psychologist.

A Great Need for Psychologists in the Maritime Industry

Shipping moves more than 80% of global trade and is a crucial component of the global economy. Seafarers work on the vessels for months to ensure safe operations of this import and export process facing unpredictable challenges. 

Choosing emotionally stable and adaptive crew goes a long way in making sure that the operations are smooth and running. The right person for the right job is crucial in highly hazardous industry. Input from a professional psychologist can truly make a difference in your crewing decisions. According to Psychologs, India’s First Psychology Magazine, “a qualified and trained psychologist is always in demand in the industry while selecting, training and promoting seafarers.”

SafeMetrix Integrated Reports for Better Crewing Decisions

A highly-skilled clinical psychologist prepares SafeMetrix Integrated Reports after a careful a detailed review of both – MET-3S and MET-CSS assessment results. Further, potential weaknesses and possible drawbacks are identified, along with recommendations and suggestions. Additionally, the SafeMetrix Integrated Reports come with the SafeMetrix Competency-Based Interview Guidelines which come in handy during the follow-up interviews for the further seafarers’ skills assessments. The information provided in the Integrated Reports assists human resource management to make better-crewing decisions and conduct an efficient post-assessment follow up.

MET-3S Soft Skills Psychometric Assessment for Seafarers gives insights into the soft skills of deck officers across 13 skills grouped in 3 clusters: coping under pressure, self-management, interpersonal skills. The tested skills are selected after a thorough job analysis of the different ranks on board to match the requirement of the position.

MET-3CC Cognitive Skills Psychometric Assessment for Seafarers gives insights into the cognitive skills of officers on board assessing their memorisation, problem sensitivity, spatial orientation, information ordering, visualisation. This psychometric assessment constitutes a performance test based on the speed and accuracy of the responses of the test taker.