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SafeMetrix Acquires ClassNK Approval for its Online Assessment Portfolio
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SafeMetrix Acquires ClassNK Approval for its Online Assessment Portfolio

SafeMetrix, a product line of Safebridge responsible for creating and publishing online assessments for seafarers in the maritime industry, successfully acquires the ClassNK Certificate of Approval for its online-based assessment portfolio.

The recent challenges faced due to the global pandemic and the rapid technological advancements in the industry created a need for a more enhanced and modernized approach to decision-making related to the selection, promotion, and development of seafarers. The modern-era maritime industry requires seafarers who possess the appropriate level of skills needed to sustain efficient and safe operations on board. 


Sharing such views for much more enhanced and strengthened training for seafarers, ClassNK, as one of the leading global Classification Societies, has provided its certification services to the maritime training sector. They have taken the initiative to identify and certify qualified training providers, contributing to seafarer development, shipping companies’ needs, safety at sea, and protecting the marine environment.  


As of 28 September 2020, ClassNK has formally audited and certified SafeMetrix as being compliant with the ClassNK Standard for Certification of Maritime Education & Training Programmes.

SafeMetrix is a reputable publisher of a range of assessment products designed to empower organizations in the maritime industry with otherwise hard-to-obtain data on seafarer skills. The assessment portfolio initially included industry-specific psychometric assessments that assess the soft and cognitive skills of seafarers. It has now expanded to cover Competency-based Interview Guidelines, integrated reports, and recently the Proficiency in the English Language for Operational-level Deck Officers.  

Receiving the formal Approval Certification from a reputable Classification Society such as ClassNK is a significant step for SafeMetrix in achieving its vision of re-shaping the future of seafarer online training and development.