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SafeLearn powered by Safebridge: Maritime specific e-learning – A quick look back in time
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SafeLearn powered by Safebridge: Maritime specific e-learning – A quick look back in time

The foundation of Safebridge in 2009, marked the development of SafeLearn, serving the online educational needs of seafarers.

In the years following its foundation, Safebridge grew as a company with more employees and a worldwide clientele. Consequently, more products were added to its portfolio and that marked the development of the maritime-specific platform named SafeLearn, dedicated exclusively to online training for seafarers.

Let us take a small step back in time and explore the history and how SafeLearn evolved throughout the years.

The First Step Towards Innovation

The first ECDIS TST Online Course titled Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT 5 back in 2005, marked the beginning of the provision of pioneering services which address the online educational needs of the maritime industry.

What followed a few years later was a significant evolvement of the company. The team grew more prominent and more noteworthy innovations were introduced. This growth allowed to provide top-quality ECDIS training around the world with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Recognised by The Nautical Institute (NI)

Safebridge was acknowledged with the significant recognition by The Nautical Institute (NI) for its manufacturer-approved ECDIS Type-Specific Online Training, as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme.

A Portfolio of 21 ECDIS Type-Specific Courses

What followed was for SafeLearn to be placed amongst world-class training providers, and its product portfolio expanded. The total number of the ECDIS Type-Specific Courses added up to 21. More ECDIS related courses were developed: the ECDIS Basics and ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots, exclusively designed for Pilots operating the onboard ECDIS equipment. In doing so Safebridge has covered the entire spectrum of ECDIS online training in the maritime industry.

SafeYacht for Recreational Sailing

The continuous success in defining the needs of the industry, led to the development of a new line of online courses, addressing the needs of recreational sailing. A set of five new courses categorized under SafeYacht were introduced in the market in 2017. The courses’ purpose concerns safety while sailing by providing professional training to the skipper on board.

Exploring Maritime Shipping Law

Next, the importance of shipping law was explored, and two new courses were developed by SafeLearn: UKLAP Grade 2 and German Shipping Law. UKLAP Grade 2 addresses the non-UK officers working on board vessels registered in the UK who do not hold a UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) and must have a Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC). German Shipping Law is ideal for non-German management level officers, who are on board ships flying the German flag.

Pioneering Solutions Present and Future

At present, SafeLearn cooperates with 1300 B2B customers in more than 83 countries around the globe, has issued more than 170,000 certificates and is considered as one of the leaders in online maritime-specific training.

Its experienced nautical authors are continuously working to research and find new ways to develop the ideal educational solutions in the industry. More courses are continuously being added to the SafeLearn portfolio with two being released in Q1 2020: “Navigation in Confined Waters” and “Interesting Facts About Daily Navigation”.

If you would like to explore the SafeLearn courses, head over to the SafeLearn portfolio.