Let’s Talk Nautical Ep.3. ECDIS Then and Now: Burden or Resource?
<mark>Podcast</mark> – Let’s Talk Nautical Ep.3. ECDIS Then and Now – Part 1: Burden or Resource?
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Podcast – Let’s Talk Nautical Ep.3. ECDIS Then and Now – Part 1: Burden or Resource?

With the third episode of the “Let’s Talk Nautical” podcast, we start a series of episodes that focus on bridge equipment. In Part 1, we talk about the beginnings of ECDIS, its current state, purpose and limitations.

Episode 3: ECDIS Then and Now - Part 1: Burden or Resource?

“Over the years, I had so many conversations about ECDIS with other seafarers, when I was on board: with officers, I have trained myself, with other trainers and the manufactures of the equipment. Everyone has their own focus and view about it. In many of those conversations, people wonder how we ended up with the current state of ECIDS.” – says Marvin Bielk, Nautical Instructor of Safebridge.

In this episode, Razvan Braghesiu says that if you look at the entire ECDIS value chain, you will see that many components are outside the equipment itself. Therefore, it is important to create an environment where seafarers see ECDIS as a resource and not an impediment.

The third episode focuses on topics such as:
  • ECDIS: A tool for compliance or a valuable resource?
  • Paper Charts as a Safety Net
  • ECDIS Failure Drills
  • The Beginnings of ECDIS
  • Hindsight on ECDIS Implementation
  • The System in the Context of Bridge Design
  • Compliance as a means to an End
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About the hosts
Marvin Bielek

Marvin Bielek is an experienced Content Creator, Team Lead, and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime industry. He is skilled in Project Management, Customer Service, Maritime, and Navigation. Marvin is also a strong human resource professional with a Diplom focused in Ship Management from HSB Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences. Connect with Marvin.

Razvan Braghesiu

Razvan Braghesiu has more than six years of experience in the maritime industry – both at sea and onshore. Previously worked as a Deck Officer onboard ultra-large container ships and a leader of the content development team of Safebridge. Currently, he is responsible for defining, designing, and developing online certification products that meet the maritime industry’s needs. Connect with Razvan.