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<mark>Openness to Experience:</mark> a Soft Skill for a Successful Career at Sea
Understanding the Difference Between Generic and<mark> Type-Specific ECDIS Training
<mark>Coping Under Pressure</mark> in a Maritime Environment
Change of Ownership Safebridge GMBH
Maritime Consortium launch Crewcare App to improve Seafarer Well-being
<mark>Podcast</mark> – Let’s Talk Nautical Ep.2: Being Prepared for the Unexpected
<mark>ON-DEMAND EVENT</mark> – Continuous Development of Seafarer Soft & Cognitive Skills
Valentinos Steliou: Leadership is a Combination of Traits and Skills
<mark>Podcast</mark> – Let’s Talk Nautical E1:About One APUS, Weather in Passage Planning and Decision Making
<mark>ON-DEMAND Webinar:</mark> Psychometric Assessments for Hiring. How to Fail-Proof Your Crewing Decisions With Meaningful Data