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<mark>Online Guide:</mark> Improving Emotional Well-being of Seafarers
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Online Guide: Improving Emotional Well-being of Seafarers

Improving Emotional Well-being of Seafarers practical guide will help you understand the main differences between anxiety and stress, recognise the contributing factors affecting seafarers’ mental health, and apply appropriate techniques to improve seafarers’ well-being.

International Maritime Health Association reported that “it has been established that seafaring is one of the most physically demanding professions in one of the most dangerous work environments: the sea.” Working at sea is challenging both physically and mentally and includes many possible dangers in accidents, injuries, and diseases.


However, over the last few years, maritime professionals have been subjected to additional work-related stresses mainly because of stringent laws and regulations and all the paperwork and formalities that come along with them. In addition to that, the consequences of the pandemic have been especially devastating for seafarers who have experienced job losses and uncertainty about when they can leave their vessel and see their families. Many are stranded far from home and in great need of financial support.

Special thanks to seafarers who contributed to this guide: Nyari Nain, Yrhen Bernard Balinis, Ashish Thakur, Makhosi Mbokazi, Petrina Nariswari, Ikramul Hossain.