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New Course – Mastering Daily Navigation
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New Course – Mastering Daily Navigation

At the age of all things digital, one must learn how to use machines to benefit from them. At the same time, there is a great need to argue the artificial intelligence of these “instruments” taking over our daily lives, to serve practically so many purposes. The new course by SafeLearn “Mastering Daily Navigation”, was developed to serve as a refresher tool for seafarers, covering the essential subjects they are facing while on board.

The Research

How much do we rely on the machines’ “clever” answers, and when do we question them? Do we have the critical thinking to do so adequately?

When it comes to the maritime industry, a seafarer is confronted with numerous digital information on board a vessel, which he/she must be able to process and alert for anything that could happen as a result. Our professionals at SafeLearn, always search for new ways that will make the seafarer’s complex working life more comfortable and safer. The team is working to promote specific courses which work as reminders and refreshers in regards to the basic rules they need to be following and at the same time preparing them, by providing possible scenarios that most likely would take place while at sea.

The Overview

“Mastering Daily Navigation” is the new course developed with the guidance of Professor Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins in cooperation with our nautical authors and based on detailed research. The course acts as a refresher on primary navigation-related knowledge the officer must have while onboard, with an emphasis on developing an ECDIS mindset, being able to know the facts and at the same time, have the critical thinking to argue them.

Onboard any vessel, an officer deals with numerous complex machines and has to know how to work “with them” to deal with potential unexpected incidents. A seafarer must understand the theory, access the facts, process the information provided by these machines and be alert to deal with unplanned situations.

This course combines essential aspects that every officer of the watch should know, with practical onboard scenarios. A new methodology is applied where firstly, we present the possible scenarios which could take place while at sea, afterwards the theory is covered with related material and in the end the solution is presented, by showing the correct approach to follow.

Furthermore, the course focuses on refreshing necessary knowledge to ensure safe navigation and give every officer the ability to identify and judge navigational situations accurately.

Structure of the Course

“Mastering Daily Navigation” consists of three modules:

1.      Basic Mathematics in Navigation

Knowledge of trigonometry and vector algebra is essential for navigational, meteorological and technical purposes. This module deals with the basics of mathematics in navigation, helping the seafarer be ready to deal with the more complex information processing and have a stronger base, to begin with.


2.      Lines and Coordinates on the Earth’s surface

To navigate the seas, the officer on board needs a coordinates’ system that is easy to use and unambiguous. In this module, the information included explains the commonly used system of coordinates and simple calculations done with this system.


3.      ECDIS Mindset

Developing an ECDIS mindset includes a sound knowledge of its limitations and possibilities, including its strengths and weaknesses. The seafarer will also develop improved situational awareness and will be able to identify any developing faults in any system he is confronted with, more efficiently.

The e-Learning Experience

The scenarios of the course are presented with high-quality videos and audio having a significant impact on the user’s learning experience with the combination of image and sound.

Putting Theory into Practice

The next part of the course, the “e-xercise”, is where the practical part of the training takes place, and the knowledge obtained by the seafarer is put to the test. E-xercise is a standalone assessment tool used to identify areas of ECDIS knowledge, which need to be enhanced. The tool identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the user, as well as areas of the course which need to be highlighted.

This section consists of several interactive questions, making the learning procedure interesting and more engaging.

By releasing courses such as this one, SafeLearn further solidifies its expertise in online navigation related training, while also offering new and innovative ways of preparing the crew for a safe and efficient journey at sea.

To experience this course first hand, follow the link here.