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Manufacturer-Approved Certificates by SafeLearn
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Manufacturer-Approved Certificates by SafeLearn

SafeLearn, a product line of Safebridge, offers a wide range of maritime-specific online courses, updated regularly on the platform with new material. In regards to keeping up with all the recent rules and regulations of the industry, SafeLearn continuously develops solutions, which reflect and satisfy the needs of maritime oriented training.

The platform features a total of 21 ECDIS Type-Specific Training courses up to now, all approved by the manufacturers. Moreover, the courses and certificates are DNV-GL approved.

Specifically, since the SafeLearn courseware is manufacturer-approved therefore, the certificate contains the manufacturer logo and additionally all the details of the equipment covered. Moreover, the name, date of birth, and nationality of the trainee also appear on the certificate.

When it comes to more authentications and checks and specifically in the instance where the Port State Control or any other relevant authority needs to verify the validity of a certificate, Safebridge maintains a database, with all the registered candidates and certifications. The online database access for these authorities will be soon available via a QR code listed on the certificate.

The learning process follows a step-by-step procedure in order to reach the final step and “earn” the manufacturer-approved certificate. As soon as the user has entered the GuideMe mode and studied, has practised on the FreePlay mode and following took the final test on the TestMe mode, then the certificate is issued.

Every trainee receives the relevant certificate for the course he/she took, once the test has been passed successfully.

Find out which maritime-specific course best applies to your requirements and start your training today. Get your manufacturer-approved certificate for valid proof of your qualifications.