Refresh your knowledge anytime – ECDIS TST Refresher Courses by SafeLearn - Safebridge
Refresh your knowledge anytime – ECDIS TST Refresher Courses by SafeLearn
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Refresh your knowledge anytime – ECDIS TST Refresher Courses by SafeLearn

At SafeLearn, we know the challenges of the industry. We are collaborating closely with our customers, always enhancing our portfolio to find the best solutions according to their needs and the industry’s demands.

The ECDIS Type-Specific Training (TST) Refresher Courses available from SafeLearn, were developed precisely to answer the specific needs of deck officers. These courses answer the need to refresh their knowledge in regards to their competencies in ECDIS related operations or when the need is identified, since their role involves additionally to change vessels frequently.

If you already own a Safebridge certificate

With these Refresher Courses, those officers who already own a Safebridge certificate, can refresh their knowledge and maintain a high level of competence.

The difference with this educational philosophy, lies in scenarios such as the following: instead of listening to someone explain how to navigate the ship, how would it feel actually to do it while studying the theory? How would the route planning experience be transformed if you were actually planning it as if you are on board and you came “face-to-face” with real alerts?

We recognise that ECDIS is a vital and at the same time complex tool for the officers, and that is why we developed the specific Refresher Courses to allow them to practice on any functions they need to stay up-to-date, thus making their journey as smooth as possible.

Indefinite Certificate Validity

Although they already own a certificate on the specific ECDIS type, they need to familiarise themselves with the ECDIS again after working with a different ECDIS for a while. The certificate validity is indefinite, according to STCW regulations and moreover, significant advantage from these Refresher Courses is the fact that they will stay informed on all the latest updates regarding the selected courses.

If we got you intrigued, then read about the courses’ specifications here and head over to to get the courses.

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