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ECDIS Online Training Courses accredited by the Nautical Institute
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ECDIS Online Training Courses accredited by the Nautical Institute

It comes as no surprise that technology has led to a major change in traditional methodologies and processes applied in various aspects of the maritime industry. Keeping up and embracing this change has become a vital part of ensuring safety and success both ashore and at sea. Equipping your seafarers with strong knowledge and expertise has always been of high priority, and in today’s modern technological environment we took it upon ourselves to bring you the highest standard e-learning methodology designed to upgrade the traditional training our seafarers must undergo.

High-Quality Sealed

The continuous research, combined with years of experience and deep understanding of the real needs of the industry and seafarers, lead to the production of SafeLearn and specifically the online based ECDIS Type Specific Training courses. To this day, SafeLearn still offers a unique approach to online ECDIS training (the methodology applied by its parent company Safebridge) that is not only manufacturer approved but also carries full accreditation by the Nautical Institute.
To ensure the high quality to the provision of maritime education and training, The Nautical Institute has established this scheme, where maritime products and services can be formally evaluated and thus recognised for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). At SafeLearn we strive to provide a high-quality service to our customers at all times and it is of great honor to have our methods recognised and accredited by this scheme.

The SafeLearn ECDIS Type Specific e-training cover a wide range of leading ECDIS equipment manufacturers and offer full equipment simulation as well as practical exercises, which combined with intuitive and highly interactive features grant the seafarer with a highly effective alternative to traditional classroom-based learning. To this day over 160,000 seafarers have successfully completed our online-based training.

Access the list of courses by SafeLearn, with the official Recognition of the Nautical Institute.