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Discover the SafeLearn LMS – What is the TestMe Mode
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Discover the SafeLearn LMS – What is the TestMe Mode

SafeLearn includes a total of 21 ECDIS Type-Specific Training courses in its portfolio, all with distinctive features, which define each course and add value to the experience of proper training.

In this series of short articles, we will define these features separately, and furthermore we invite you to visit the “Courses” section on our website for all the details on each course.

The “TestMe” mode

To access the “TestMe” mode, the user is obliged to complete the tutorials in the “GuideMe” mode, in order to prepare for a successful “TestMe” attempt.

  • “TestMe” is the exam mode that combines different questions related to the course content into one interactive test. In this mode, questions are presented in random order. Additionally, each trainee has a maximum number of daily attempts, to get to the certification step.
  • The “TestMe” mode offers the user authentication features; the Webcam Authentication and the Supervisor Authentication.
  • Various courses include “Webcam Authentication”, which requires an available webcam. This feature serves to validate the authenticity of the user taking the test, through random pictures which are taken during the exam.
  • The “Supervisor Authentication” is yet another trainee authenticity validation feature which involves the physical presence of a designated person, who is authorised by SafeLearn, and is present for the whole duration of the test. This is the way to evaluate the user’s authenticity in regards to identity and presence.

Upon successful test completion, a detailed report of the performance is displayed, and a certificate is sent via email.

Discover the SafeLearn maritime-specific courses and start your training today, by enjoying a high-quality learning experience any time, any place.