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Discover the SafeLearn LMS – What is the FreePlay Mode
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Discover the SafeLearn LMS – What is the FreePlay Mode

SafeLearn offers a portfolio of maritime-specific online courses, which consists of a wide range of frequently updated material. Following all the latest rules and regulations of the industry, as well as researching the needs of e-education in maritime, the team’s experts are striving towards producing the ideal solutions.

The platform features a total of 21 ECDIS Type-Specific Training courses, with distinctive features and specifications, offering a high-quality learning experience to the user. All these courses are mandatory, and additionally, they all carry the manufacturer’s approvals.

In this series of short articles, we will define these features separately. Moreover, the “Courses” are listed in the respected section on our website, and we invite you to search through and find the most suitable one for your training needs.

The FreePlay mode

A unique feature offered in SafeLearn’s courses, is the FreePlay mode, an innovative characteristic for the maximum educational experience of the user. This is the most stand-out feature which empowers the interactivity of our courses.

What would be more effective than training with the actual equipment the user will, later on, use onboard? This is what the FreePlay mode is all about, giving a chance to the trainee to practice on the real equipment he/she will use during his actual onboard duties, via a virtual environment. In this way, the training experience becomes unique and powerful, with more effective results. The combination of real-life scenarios portrayed through high-quality videos, test questions and the FreePlay mode, create a highly effective learning experience which advances the competence of the trainee.

After or during the GuideMe mode, the trainee can apply the knowledge acquired, directly on the manufacturer’s original software, with the FreePlay mode and get as much practice as required. Real-life scenario situations translate into real hands-on training.

If you wish to get more insights on this specific feature from SafeLearn, read our informative article on breaking the mental barriers and head over the courses section and find the ones applying to your needs.

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