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Change of Ownership Safebridge GMBH
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Change of Ownership Safebridge GMBH


As of last Thursday, 18th February 2021, we, Safebridge GmbH (“Safebridge”), have become a member of the Mintra group of companies following the acquisition of 100% of our shares by Mintra Holding A/S (OSE: MNTR) (“Mintra”).

Mintra, a leading provider of on-demand digital learning and enterprise HCM (Human Capital Management) software for safety-critical industries worldwide, has acquired Safebridge as part of its strategy to grow in the global maritime sector and to increase its market share. Headquartered in Norway, the company has been developing and deploying solutions since 1997, helping millions of workers to stay safe, develop new skills and verify competence.

Having its heritage rooted in the energy and maritime sectors, Mintra currently provides services to over 3,600 companies. Based in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Aberdeen, UAE, India, and Singapore, the Mintra team consists of over 100 designers, developers, industry consultants, and supporting functions working to the highest standards.

Mintra’s main product offerings include Trainingportal, a learning and competence management system that includes a Marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers of eLearning courses and classroom and blended learning; and OCS HR, a human resource management system that helps control and automate complex HR tasks within the maritime sector. You can find out more about Mintra and its products and services at


Scott Kerr, CEO of Mintra, comments:

“This is a significant move for Mintra in the maritime space and substantially boosts this revenue line. At a time of travel restrictions and physical distancing, it is important that we continue to expand our online services to support our customers operating around the world.

“As one of our existing partners in our online marketplace, the Safebridge course portfolio is hosted on Mintra’s learning and competence system, so it can be made instantly available to our customers. Conversely, we will make the full Mintra course library available to customers from Safebridge.

“Safebridge has a strong reputation in the market, with an excellent team and products and a loyal customer base. In welcoming Safebridge to the Mintra family, we increase our capabilities in maritime and create an opportunity to share this specialist knowledge and expertise with our wider customer base.”

Martin Scott, Chairman of Mintra, comments:

“We are very pleased with the delivery of the first acquisition post-IPO. The management team and board are committed to accelerating growth through M&A, where the company has an excellent track record.”

Prof. Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins, CEO of Safebridge, comments:

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Safebridge; one where we can share, combine and accelerate our mission to grow with the Mintra team.

“Not only does this acquisition allow us to provide a greatly expanded offering for Safebridge customers, it provides an exciting opportunity for the Safebridge team to be part of Mintra’s and support the development of a market-leading business.”

The union of Safebridge and Mintra is a hugely positive step forward for us, our customers, and our partners. Safebridge is now part of a much larger international organisation with greater reach and more products, services, skills, knowledge, and capabilities.

We are underway with the integration process, and our key priority during this time is to ensure the quality of service you have come to expect from Safebridge. Mintra has completed two previous successful integration processes following acquisitions, and all affected parties experienced a smooth and seamless transition.

For any further information or questions, please do no hesitate to contact us on [email protected].