maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


Re-thinking maritime training: challenges and solutions

On the occasion of Safebridge’s nomination for the Training Award at the 2018 Safety4Sea Awards, Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins, Managing Director of Safebridge, shares his thoughts on maritime training today and gives some insightful information on the subject:

“While society in general is currently going through a period of change, the same applies when we are referring to training for seafarers, which has crossed the dawn of a new era already. We have to re-think training completely when attracting i.e. the younger generation. E-Learning is treated as the “cure-all” magic, but we ignore the fact that E-Learning solely is featureless.  At Safebridge we follow progressive approaches in training, methodology and content, worth mentioning and promoting.”

Read the full interview here and cast your vote until September 7th, 2018 for Safebridge here.

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