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Introducing Yacht Chef: The Essentials Online Course
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Introducing Yacht Chef: The Essentials Online Course

SafeLearn is excited to introduce the newest addition to our online course portfolio: Yacht Chef: The Essentials. The first in a series of courses aimed at preparing both beginners and experienced Chefs for a new and exciting career onboard luxury yachts.   

As a Yacht Chef, your talent, imagination, flexibility, and a proactive attitude are all prerequisites to a successful career path. Becoming a Yacht Chef or shifting your career to this new and adventurous horizon takes time and practice. However, if you have a passion for cooking and travel, you are already halfway there, and our course will help you with the rest of the way.

The Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will learn how to:

  • Control potential hazards and avoid food contamination.
  • Select the best possible food supplier and value-for-money products.
  • Maintain the available budget and prevent food waste.
  • Manage time onboard efficiently.
  • Select the most suitable service method for each situation.
  • Implement cooking practices based on country, culture and religion.
  • Develop international menus to provide your guests with unique dining.
The e-Learning Experience
Matthaios Divanes

To deliver a truly first-class learning experience for you our nautical authors teamed up with a highly experienced Yacht Chef Matthaios Divanes who has recently acquired the 3rd place, Category A’, at the Chef’s Competition at the Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplion, Greece. Matthaios played a critical role in the preparation of the syllabus and the course content by sharing his knowledge with you.

In doing this course, you will be presented with high-quality videos featuring Mathaios Divanes as well as interactive animations, allowing you to learn in a very engaging and interactive way. Upon completing your study, you will have the chance to put your acquired knowledge to practice by completing an interactive online examination. If successful you will then receive your certificate and will be one step closer to becoming a successful Yacht Chef.

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