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Host Your Training Online with SafeLearn LMS
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Host Your Training Online with SafeLearn LMS

As of May 2020, SafeLearn introduces a new line of service SafeLearn for Business, allowing any external training provider to host their training online through the SafeLearn LMS.

Following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, training providers faced a real challenge to continue offering their services due to the restrictions and social distancing measures imposed by governments. Many businesses went into survival mode, and a need for a new approach to handling training services has emerged.

About the SafeLearn LMS

SafeLearn LMS offers an effective alternative to classroom-based training, which has proven to be COVID-19 proof as it allows seafarers to continue their development plans online despite the circumstances. In opening its doors to 3rd party training providers, SafeLearn LMS grants you the opportunity to take your businesses to the next level while also making it recession-proof in the long run.

“Thank you SafeLearn and your SafeBridge Team for supporting with the #BeSafe Campaign. It is really nice to get e-Learning courses during those Stay Home days. The learning platform is simple, user friendly, and effective”

Any training provider is now able to host their internal and external training on SafeLearn LMS, while also enjoying the benefits of full web-based access to manage, assign, and administer their courses online. Besides this, you can too, through an agreement, publish their training on the Safebridge web-shop to reach thousands of seafarers as their potential buyers.

Flexible pricing

Scale your business based on actual demand and the number of active monthly users.


Boost your sales by listing your course on the Safebridge Web-Shop and gaining direct access to thousands of targeted users.

Web-Based Access

Easily manage, assign, and administer your training in a central online-based platform.
How to Apply

The process of hosting your training on our platform is quite straight forward. If the course material is ready and exists in the required format, it can be uploaded on the platform by our experts. Alternatively, we have a team of dedicated nautical authors who in collaboration with your team can develop the online content on your behalf and based on your exact requirements.

If you wish to take advantage of SafeLearn for Business and offer your training online, you may now apply below. A team of our dedicated specialists is on standby to listen to your requirements and answer any questions.

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