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Course Description
Acquire the knowledge to operate the SIMRAD NSO Evo2 Chartplotter navigation system designed to use powerboats and sportfishing vessels. The NSO Evo2 is a Chartplotter navigation system, ideal for powerboats and sport fishing. This e-learning course provides every individual with the opportunity to learn about the system‘s various functions and gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to use it. NSO Evo2 is suitable for beginners and experts since it includes essential operational functions and advanced cruising applications.
Course Modules
Module 1: Make Sail
Module 2: Charts and Routes
Module 3: Navigating with Instruments
Module 4: Network Sharing
Module 5: Meteo Information
Module 6: Alarms
Module 7: Special Features
Module 8: Chart Providers and Updates
Course Objectives
This course teaches you how to use the NSO Evo2 Chartplotter, recommended for powerboats and sport fishing.
Suitable For
Individuals who want to become professional sailors.
Learning Outcomes
Module 1: Will introduce you to the basic operations of this Chartplotter.
Module 2: Familiarises you with the „Chart application“, route planning and overlaying other applications on the chart panel.
Module 3: Will improve your navigational skills and handling of the yacht‘s instruments.
Module 4: Will improve your navigational skills and handling of the yacht‘s instruments.
Module 5: Describes the use of weather applications and meteorological applications.
Module 6: Provides information about all types of alarms and their configuration to ensure safety onboard.
Module 7: Explains how to take advantage of the special features of your system and how to entertain yourself while sailing.
Module 8: Shows what each chart provider is offering and how to install, as well as update the charts on your system.
A general understanding of yachts and yacht navigation is recommended, but no navigational experience is needed.
  • Course Access: 7 days/3 months/6 months
  • Timeframe:  Approx. 2h 37min
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: No
  • Strong Authentication: No
  • Daily test attempts: 2
  • Min % of progress to access TestMe: 80%
  • Min % of passing the TestMe: 70%
  • Total test time: 60min
  • Price excl. VAT: From 39,99 €
Accreditations & Approvals
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