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Seafarer Spatial Orientation Training

Course Description
Develop your spatial orientation skill as a seafarer and improve your ability to identify your position, or the position of an object, in relation to the environment. This course represents 1 of 5 cognitive skill courses in the complete Cognitive Skills for Seafarers Training Package. Cognitive skills are the vehicle for your cognition, which refers to the various processes of your thinking daily. Cognitive skills are the skills your brain utilises to process stimuli. The more complex information processing is required on board, the greater the demand for seafarers with high cognitive skills.

Spatial Orientation is the ability to know where someone is in relation to their environment or to tell where a specific object is in relation to him/her. It includes the ability to handle information relating to where one is coming from, where one is at a specific moment, where one is heading to, etc. It requires having a good perception of the surroundings and comprehension of spatial arrangements.

This course allows you to showcase to your employers that you are being proactive and in line with the maritime industry's modern-day demands.

The course was developed based on NLP techniques and methods. Principals and examples were based on methodologies and practices from nlpincyprus and nlpgreece.
Course Modules
Module 1: Handling spatial information on-board
Module 2: One room, but different perspectives
Module 3: Spatial orientation on-board
Course Objectives
To know where someone is in relation to their environment, or to tell where a specific object is in relation to yourself.
Suitable For
This course is suitable for all officer ranks onboard, including:
  • Management Level Deck Officers
  • Operational Level Deck Officers
  • Management Level Engine Officers
  • Operational Level Engine Officers
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    Learning Outcomes
    Module 1: Demonstrates the importance of spatial orientation on-board of vessels.
    Module 2: You will practice how to see a situation from different perspectives in order to get a 360° picture.
    Module 3: Applies this practice to navigational situations and offers practical tips.
    Willingness to evolve and develop yourself personally and professionally.
    • Course Duration: Approx. 12 min
    • Course Access: 2 months
    • Language: English
    • Certificate: Yes (valid indefinite)
    • Strong Authentication: No
    • Daily test attempts: 2
    • Min % of progress on GuideMe to access TestMe: 90%
    • Min % of passing the TestMe: 100%
    • Total test time: 30 min
    • Price excl. VAT: 15,00 €
    Accreditations & Approvals
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