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Seafarer Openness to Experience Training

Course Description
Develop your openness to experience skills as a seafarer and improve your ability to be intellectually curious, willing to go out of your comfort zone, and experience new challenges. This course represents 1 of 5 soft skill courses in the complete Self-Management Training Package.

Employers across various industries are now incorporating seafarer’s level of soft skills into their crewing decisions. The Soft, “non-technical skills” are increasingly important on board due to the rapidly changing workforce and automation of technical tasks. Additionally, maritime accident investigations indicate that a lack of soft skills and human error is the most common reason behind accidents at sea.

Openness to experience involves being comfortable with change, seeking new experiences, being open to new ideas and viewpoints, embracing different cultures, and showing tolerance and understanding of differences in various views.

Seafarer Openness to Experience Training presents the perfect opportunity for you as a seafarer to be proactive and showcase that you are ready to meet the industry’s modern-day demands.

The “curiosity” factors mentioned in the course are based on the Neurological Levels developed by Robert Dilts.

The course was developed based on NLP techniques and methods. Principals and examples were based on methodologies and practices from nlpincyprus and nlpgreece.
Course Modules
Module 1: Being intellectually curious
Module 2: Curiosity in our private lives
Course Objectives
This course aims to develop your ability to learn how to get out of your comfort zone, become comfortable with change and new experiences to boost your professional and personal skill development.
Suitable For
This course is suitable for all officer ranks onboard, including:
  • Management Level Deck Officers
  • Operational Level Deck Officers
  • Management Level Engine Officers
  • Operational Level Engine Officers
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    Learning Outcomes
    Module 1: Being intellectually curious: introduces intellectual curiosity, enabling you to see things from a different perspective and raise questions.
    Module 2:Curiosity in our private lives: helps you to apply that curiosity to your private life to evolve continuously.
    Willingness to evolve and develop yourself personally and professionally.
    • Course Duration: 60 days
    • Timeframe: Approx. 10min
    • Language: English
    • Certificate: Yes (valid indefinite)
    • Strong Authentication: No
    • Daily test attempts: 2
    • Min % of progress to access TestMe: 90%
    • Min % of passing the TestMe: 100%
    • Total test time: 30 min
    • Price excl. VAT: 15,00 €
    Accreditations & Approvals
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