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MET-CSS: Cognitive Skills for Seafarers

Cognitive skills are core mental skills that underly all intelligent actions. The more complex information processing is required on board, driven by big data and advanced IT systems in the deck and engine department, the greater the demand for crews with high cognitive skills.

MET-CSS is a psychometric assessment, specifically developed for the maritime industry. The product offers insights into the “cognitive skills” of officers on board:

  • Memorisation
  • Problem sensitivity
  • Spatial orientation
  • Information ordering

Compared to other psychometric assessments, MET-CSS was developed specifically for assessing the competence of crews on board. The tested skills are selected after a thorough job analysis of the different ranks on board to match the requirement of the position.

This psychometric assessment constitutes a performance test based on the speed and accuracy of the responses of the test taker.

MET-CSS Application

MET-CSS is suitable to be used in the selection and promotion of crew in combination with other tools such as personal interviews, work samples and technical assessments.

MET-CSS Features

For the crewing manager:

  • Online management
  • Remote administration
  • Immediate reporting
  • Company and individual performance reports
  • Comparison to industry norms
  • Customised passing scores
  • Optional company norms scoring

For the test taker

  • Better preparation with sample testing
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Standardised experience