Listening Skills and Understanding Others - Online Course

Listening Skills and Understanding Others

Course Description
This course looks into the skill less used: listening and understanding others. Most of us believe that we listen but in effect what we do is that we hear. Listening involves more than hearing. It involves understanding why the other person said what he said and the feeling behind the words. Listening is a skill that, if done consistently and in the right way, improves relationships and trust. Misunderstandings happen because we assume instead of truly listening; Lack of development also happens as a result of not asking questions in order to help the other person gain clarity.
Course Objectives
At the end of this course you will: (SHORT DESCRIPTION)

Become aware of how you currently listen and help yourself improve your listening skills.
Understand the mistakes that we make when listening.
Understand how our belief system distorts the message received and blocks communication and listening.
Learn how to listen with empathy and how to use questions as a tool to making listening more effective.
Course Structure
Module 1: Why a course on listening
Module 2: Levels of listening
Module 3: Our mistakes with listening
Module 4: Techniques to empathic listening
Technical Requirements
We recommend the use of a wired internet connection when taking this course. Connection via mobile internet is also possible; however, it is considered unstable and might cause the failure of your exam.
Supported Internet Browsers:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS
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Important note: For optimized experience we suggest using a desktop browser.
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