Achievement Drive - Online Course
Course Description
Achievement drive is an internal phenomenon. It has nothing to do with the external environment and the surrounding conditions of a person. Research after research proves that happy and successful people drive themselves from within, in order to achieve, despite adversities and the external environment. This course aims to inspire people to begin working from within, instead of expecting situations to change in order to motivate themselves to achieve.
Course Objectives
At the end of this course you will:

Understand what is achievement drive and why it is important to bring it out within us.
Learn about the characteristics of people with achievement drive.
Learn about the characteristics of people without achievement drive in case you may need to unlearn certain behaviours.
Realize that your personality creates your personal reality and therefore directly affects the level of your achievement drive.
Realize that the only person who can change your personality is only you.
Course Structure
Module 1: Achievement drive and success
Module 2: Why do we need it?
Module 3: Growing my achievement drive
Technical Requirements
We recommend the use of a wired internet connection when taking this course. Connection via mobile internet is also possible; however, it is considered unstable and might cause the failure of your exam.
Supported Internet Browsers:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS
Apple's iOS
Important note: For optimized experience we suggest using a desktop browser.
  • Course Access: 1 year
  • Price excl. VAT: 20,00 €