Mintra maritime eLearning courses - Safebridge

Mintra maritime eLearning courses

1. MGM-001-P1 Introduction to Ship Safety (Part One)
2. MGM-001-P2 Introduction to Ship Safety (Part Two)
3. MGM-002 Risk Assessment
4. MGM-003 Introduction to ISO 14001 and Environmental Management
5. MGM-003-BP Introduction to ISO 14001 and Environmental Management
6. MGM-004 Prevention of Marine Spills (SOPEP)
7. MGM-005 Gas Measurement
8. MGM-006 Basic Safety Training for Seafarers – Theory
9. MGM-007 Cyber-Security Awareness
10. MGM-007-BP Cyber Security Awareness
11. MGM-008 Fire Protection
12. MGM-009 Personal Survival Techniques
13. MGM-010 Medical First Aid
14. MGM-011 Personal Safety and Human Relations
15. MGM-012 IMO Conventions and Codes
16. MGM-013 Accident and Incident Investigation
17. MGM-015 Radar Introduction
18. MGM-016 Ship Stability -Introduction
19. MGM-017 Ship Stability – Statical Stability
20. MGM-018 Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Policy
21. MGM-019 MLC 2006 (Awareness)
22. MGM-020 Piracy and Armed Robbery
23. MGM-022 Hot Work Awareness
24. MGM-023 Ballast Water Management
25. MGM-024 ECDIS – Port State Control Inspections and Practices (Maritime)
26. MGM-025 MARPOL
27. MGM-026 Oil Record Book
28. MGM-027 Garbage Record Book
29. MGM-028 Maritime Health and Lifestyle
30. MGM-029 Ship Energy Efficiency Management
31. MGM-031 Mooring Safety
32. MGM-032 Navigating in Cold Climates
33. MGM-033 Safety Officer
34. MGM-036 MLC 2006 (Advanced)
35. MGM-037 MLC 2006 (Management)
36. MGM-038 Mental Health
37. MGM-039 ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
38. MGM-040 Vessel Structural Conditions
39. MGM-041 Protection and Indemnity Awareness
40. MGM-042 Emergency Towing System
41. MGM-043 Personnel and Baggage Search
42. MGM-044 COLREGS General – Fast Track (test competence up front)
43. MGM-045 Best Navigational Practices
44. MGM-046 AIS
45. MGM-047 Auxiliary Boiler Plant
46. MGM-048 Introduction to Auxillary Generators
47. MGM-049 Polar Code
48. MGM-050 Heavy Weather Preparation
49. MGM-051 Rescue and Fast Rescue Boat – Launch and Operation
50. MGM-052 Anchoring – Operational Safety
51. MGM-053 Medical Emergency Evacuation
52. MGM-054 Coatings – preparation and Application
53. MGM-055 Paint and Coatings – Inventory and storage
54. MGM-056 Introduction to Scrubbers
55. MGM-057 Behaviour Based Safety
56. MGM-058 Cultural Awareness
57. MGM-059 Harassment and Bullying
58. MGM-060 Maritime Leadership
59. MGM-061 Social Media Awareness
60. MGM-062 Personal Hygiene
61. MGM-063 Tanker Operations – Cargo
62. MGM-064 Tanker Operations – Ship-to-Ship Transfer
63. MGM-065 Tanker Operations – Bunkering
64. MGM-066 Tanker Operations – Pre-transfer of Liquid Cargo
65. MGM-067 Tank Cleaning and Wall Wash
66. MGM-068 SIGTTO Awareness
67. MGM-069 Galley Equipment Safety
68. MGM-070 Polar Water Operational Manual – Vessel Familiarisation
69. MGM-071 Container Lashing Safe Use and Inspection
70. MGM-072 Passage Planning in Cold Climates
71. MGM-073 Digital Governor Systems
72. MGM-074 Deck Machinery – Operation and Maintenance
73. MGM-075 Introduction to Oily Water Separators
74. MGM-076 TMSA Inspections Onboard
75. MGM-078 LNG Operations – Bunkering
76. MGM-079 Bulker Operations – Hatch Covers Inspection and Maintenance
77. MGM-080 Steering Gear
78. MGM-081 Introduction to Gas Carrier Operations
79. MGM-082 Gas Carrier Operations – Cargo Cooling Systems
80. MGM-083 Gas Carrier Operations – Low Temperature Insulation
81. MGM-084 International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Code IMSBC
82. MGM-085 Chemical Tanker Operations – Basic
83. MGM-086 Banksman and Slinger
84. MGM-087 Confined Space Entry
85. MGM-088 Diesel Engines and Lubricants
86. MGM-089 Dropped Objects
87. MGM-090 Electrical Safety Rules
88. MGM-091 Portable Fire Extinguishers
89. MGM-092 Gas Detection and Measurement
90. MGM-093 Respiratory Protection
91. MGM-094 Hand and Power Tool Safety
92. MGM-095 Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness
93. MGM-096 Introduction to Fuel Systems
94. MGM-097 Intro to Hydraulics
95. MGM-098 Intro to Pumps
96. MGM-099 Intro to Safety Data Sheets
97. MGM-100 Intro to ISM Code
98. MGM-101 Ladder Safety
99. MGM-102 Personnel Launches and Transfers
100. MGM-103 CET (Crew Evaluation Test)
101. MGM-104 Lockout and Tagout
102. MGM-105 Lubrication Systems
103. MGM-106 Major Accident Hazards
104. MGM-107 Noise Exposure
105. MGM-110 Personal Protective Equipment
106. MGM-111 Potable Water
107. MGM-112 Pressure and Leak Testing
108. MGM-113 Safe Cargo Handling on Deck
109. MGM-114 Safe Crane Operations
110. MGM-115 Safe Scaffolding Over Sea
111. MGM-116 Safe Welding Operations
112. MGM-117 Slips, Trips and Falls

113. MGM-118 Toolbox Talks / Pre-job Safety Meetings
114. MGM-119 Work Permit Awareness
115. MGM-120 Working at Height
116. MGM-121 Working in Cold Environments
117. MGM-122 Fatigue Management
118. MGM-123 Corrosion Prevention
119. MGM-124 Food Handling – Introduction to Health and Hygiene
120. MGM-125 Hand Arm Vibration Safety
121. MGM-126 Handling and Storage of Hazardous Substances
122. MGM-127 Hazard Identification
123. MGM-128 Human Factors
124. MGM-129 Introductory course for the SRC/VHF exam
125. MGM-130 Legionella Awareness
126. MGM-131 Management of Change
127. MGM-132 Manual Handling
128. MGM-133 Mechanical Isolations
129. MGM-134 Onboard Waste Reduction
130. MGM-135 Compressed Air
131. MGM-136 Crowd and Crisis Management – Passenger Vessels
132. MGM-137 Working with High and Low Voltage
133. MGM-138 Working with High Voltage
134. MGM-139 Working with Low Voltage
135. MGM-140 International Ship and Port Security (ISPS)
136. MGM-141 Introduction to Tank Storage and Ullage
137. MGM-142 Ballast Tank Inspection
138. MGM-143 Nitrogen awareness
139. MGM-144 Safe Use of Maritime Cranes
140. MGM-145 Colregs – General
141. MGM-146 Mooring Systems Maintenance
142. MGM-147 Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management
143. MGM-148 Pilot Transfer Arrangements
144. MGM-149 Reefer Container Operations
145. MGM-150 Timber Carrier Operations
146. MGM-151 Diesel Engine Analysis
147. MGM-152 Marine Fuel Management and Switching Operations
148. MGM-153 CO2 Fire Fighting Systems
149. MGM-154 Marine Fuels
150. MGM-155 Helicopter Operations at Sea
151. MGM-156 Recovery of Persons from the Water
152. MGM-157 Life Rafts
153. MGM-158 Interventions
154. MGM-159 Vapour Emission Control
155. MGM-160 Inert Gas System
156. MGM-161 Accommodation Safety
157. MGM-162 Engine Room Safety
158. MGM-163 Dangerous Edges
159. MGM-164 Powered Watertight Doors
160. MGM-165 Introduction to Resource Management
161. MGM-166 Engine Room Watchkeeping
162. MGM-167 Machinery Space Fires
163. MGM-168 Contractor Management
164. MGM-169 Managing a Safety Committee
165. MGM-170 Command and Control of an Incident
166. MGM-171 Command and Control by the Master
167. MGM-172 Fluid Hammer Effect
168. MGM-173 Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Sea
169. MGM-174 Use and Storage of Pressurised Cylinders
170. MGM-175 Introduction to Abrasive Wheels
171. MGM-176 Safe Use of Rigging Equipment
172. MGM-177 Mustering
173. MGM-178 Medical and Medication
174. MGM-179 Immersion Suits
175. MGM-180 Gangway and Accommodation Ladder Safety
176. MGM-181 Working Aloft on Ro-Ro and Cruise Ships
177. MGM-182 STCW Shipboard Familiarisation
178. MGM-183 Working with Tugs
179. MGM-184 Diesel Engines; Auxiliary Sysstems
180. MGM-185 Diesel Engines – Operations
181. MGM-186 Diesel Engines Safety Devices
182. MGM-187 Free-fall Lifeboat
183. MGM-188 Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems
184. MGM-189 Reporting Near Misses
185. MGM-190 Vessel General Permit
186. MGM-191 Examining Lifting Appliances and Loose Gear
187. MGM-192 Port State Control
188. MGM-193 Evidence Collection; The Mariner’s Role
189. MGM-194 Ro-Ro Cargo Handling: Vessel and Vehicle Deck Safety
190. MGM-195 Prevention of Vessel Air Pollution
191. MGM-196 Sevage and Wasewater Treatment
192. MGM-197 Ship Vetting Inspections for Bulk Oil Carriers
193. MGM-198 Handling and transportation of Bulk Cargoes
194. MGM-199 SOLAS Safety Radio
195. MTP-068 Maritime Security Awareness (US)
196. MTP-070 Marine Trash and Debris Awareness(US)
197. MTP-072 Stop Work Authority (US)
198. MTP-074 Personal Transfer and Evacuation (US)
199. MTP-075 Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Policy (US)
200. MCP-023 Mastering Daily Navigation
201. MCP-024 Safe Navigation in Confined Waters
202. MCP-025 ECDIS Basics
203. MCP-026 ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots
204. MCP-029 Cognitive Skills Seafarer Spatial Orientation Training
205. MCP-030 Cognitive Skills Seafarer Visualization Training
206. MCP-031 Cognitive Skills Seafarer Memorization Training
207. MCP-032 Cognitive Skills Seafarer Information Ordering Training
208. MCP-033 Cognitive Skills Seafarer Problem Sensitivity Training
209. MCP-034 Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Social Skills Training
210. MCP-035 Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Negotiation Training
211. MCP-036 Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Assertiveness Training
212. MCP-037 Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Coordination Training
213. MCP-038 Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Self-Control Training
214. MCP-039 Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Decision-Making Training
215. MCP-040 Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Perseverance Training
216. MCP-041 Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Resilience Training
217. MCP-042 Self-Management Seafarer Openness to Experience Training
218. MCP-043 Self-Management Seafarer Flexibility Training
219. MCP-044 Self-Management Seafarer Dependability Training
220. MCP-045 Self-Management Seafarer Self-Sufficiency Training
221. MCP-046 Self-Management Seafarer Achievement Striving Training
222. MCP-047 Radar Basics – Technical Background
223. MCP-048 Radar Basics – Collision Avoidance
224. MCP-050 Radar Basics – Integrated Bridge