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Online maritime training courses

180,000 certificates issued to seafarers world-wide

Safebridge is one of the leading educational technology providers in the maritime industry. To date, we have issued more than 180,000 certificates to seafarers worldwide.
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Our online course portfolio consists of:

  • -
    ECDIS Type Specific Courses (18)
  • -
    Generic ECDIS Related Courses (2)
  • -
    Shipping Law Courses (2)
  • -
    SafeYacht Courses (7)
  • -
    General Navigation Courses (2)
  • -
    Well-being and Personal Development (18)
ECDIS in Passage Planning by Marvin Bielek

Manufacturer approved

We offer 18 different ECDIS Type-Specific Training Courses in collaboration with twelve (12) of the leading ECDIS manufacturers in the industry, including JRC, Anschütz, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, Wartsila, Tokyo Keiki, Wartsila Voyage (Transas), Simrad, Martek, Kelvin Hughes, ChartWorld, Consilium, and Imtech.

ECDIS Type-Specific Training Courses are manufacturer-approved, and they comply with the IMO and Flag state requirements. The certificates contain the manufacturer logo and the details of the equipment covered along with the candidate name, date of birth, and nationality.

For authorities to verify the validity of a certificate, Safebridge maintains a candidate and certification database accessible to the relevant authorities via a QR code on the certificate.

ECDIS Type-Specific Training (TST)

ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) is a computer-based navigation system and can be used as an alternative to paper chart navigation. It includes not only the visualisation of all paper chart information but also a wide range of other data required for navigational purposes. ECDIS provides a real-time display of crucial information and is capable of determining the ship’s position continuously.

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    An IMO Model 1.27 training is a prerequisite to taking the Safebridge type-specific familiarization course. 

The ECDIS TST courses are made available for 21 days, and the video tutorials have a duration of approximately 16 hours.  The courses are divided into three main features.

GuideMe is the core of Safebridge training. Through this mode, all training videos of the course can be accessed. GuideMe is divided into different modules, units and topics, to help the trainee to find relevant content easily.

FreePlay is the unique Safebridge feature that allows the use of the original software for the training. The trainee can apply the knowledge acquired in the GuideMe mode directly to the manufacturer’s original software.

TestMe is the exam mode that combines different questions related to the course content into one interactive exam. Upon successful test completion, a detailed report of the performance is displayed, and a certificate is sent via email.

Generic ECDIS related courses

Safebridge offers the following Generic ECDIS related courses:

  • -
    ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots
  • -
    ECDIS Basics

The ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots course is specifically designed for pilots operating the onboard ECDIS equipment. The course covers generic ECDIS training and type-specific modules for various manufacturers and is available for 365 days. This course does not include a TestMe mode, only GuideMe, and upon completion no certificate is issued.

The ECDIS Basics course is suitable for anyone requiring knowledge of the general principles and features and is based on the book “ECDIS Basics” written by Professor Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins.
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General Navigation Courses

Safebridge provides General Navigation Courses, such as Mastering Daily Navigation and Safe Navigation in Confined Waters.

The Mastering Daily Navigation was developed with the guidance of Professor Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins in cooperation with our nautical authors. The course acts as a refresher on primary navigation-related knowledge the officer must have while onboard, with an emphasis on developing an ECDIS mindset.

The Mastering Daily Navigation course is available for three (3) months. The TestMe mode can be accessed if the trainee watches the 70% of the video tutorials, whereas the standard success rate of the TestMe mode is 90%. Upon successful completion of the TestMe, a certificate is issued, which does not have an expiration date.
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Maritime Law Courses

Safebridge provides Maritime Law Courses, such as German Shipping Law and UK Legal and Administrative Processes Grade 2 courses.

The German Shipping Law is authorized by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). It is suitable for non-German management level officers (chief mates, chief engineers and second engineers).

The German Shipping Law is available for one (1) month. The TestMe mode can be accessed if the trainee watches the 80% of the video tutorials, whereas the standard success rate of the TestMe mode is 80%. Upon successful completion of the TestMe, a certificate is issued, which is valid for five (5) years.

The UK Legal and Administrative Processes Grade 2 is created in accordance with the MCA
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Safeyacht courses

The Safebridge portfolio includes seven (7) Safeyacht courses. SafeYacht product line consists of five (5) chartplotter training courses and two (2) yacht chef courses.

The chartplotter courses are addressing the training needs of passionate recreational sailors who want to familiarize themselves with their onboard Chartplotter system on a professional level. There are suitable for professional yachting on small vessels, yachts and various types of boats.

B&G, Lowrance and Simrad are the manufacturers who selected Safebridge for their Safeyacht Training Courses.  The Chartplotter courses are:
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