maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


Maritime e-Assessment Platform

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Platform Overview

The SafeMetrix platform was developed in cooperation with seafarers and some of the leading experts in the field, making it a product that was built with the industry rather than for the industry. It is designed to integrate with the crewing process while offering substantial benefits to both companies and seafarers such as:

✔ Enhanced validity of interviews via preliminary screening

✔ Improved position adaptability and decreased turnover

✔ Enhanced, timely and transparent career development

✔ Optimised training initiatives with targeted actions

Its core purpose is to offer maritime-specific crew assessments, which allow you to measure specific skill sets of seafarers and provide otherwise hard-to-obtain data for better-informed decisions that translate into safer and more efficient operations at sea.

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