Maritime Assessment - Safebridge
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Maritime Assessment

Online-based Psychometric Assessments for Seafarers

Make better data driven crewing decisions

Apply SafeMetrix assessments to support your entire crew assessment cycle and acquire actionable, otherwise hard-to-obtain data for more accurate and informed crewing decisions.

Recruit in confidence
Reduce crew turnover
Improve job satisfaction

Recruit seafarers based on real actionable data

Eliminate the uncertainties and doubt arising from the traditional approach to seafarer recruitment using physical interviews as the sole mechanism. See beyond their CVs by assessing their skills.

  • Enhanced validity of interviews
  • Reduced interview bias
  • Easily comparable data

Improve crew retention rates of your organisation

Improve the overall position adaptability of your crew by matching seafarers to their natural roles on board based on their skill sets. Achieve better job satisfaction and ultimately decreased crew turnover rates.

  • Improved position adaptability
  • Better overall job satisfaction
  • Decreased crew turnover rates

Promote seafarers based
on their skills

Substantiate and strengthen your decisions on crew promotion by relying on the skills required to effectively execute the duties of those positions. Reward seafarers who demonstrate the right skills.

  • Skill-based promotion
  • Accurate rewards of performance
  • Lower risk of incorrect placement

Enhance seafarer training and
development matrix

Streamline and optimise your seafarer training and development matrix by applying targetted training initiatives set to close specific skill gaps identified through the assessment.

  • Targeted training initiatives
  • Improved training cost control
  • Proactive approach to training