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Maritime Assessment

Online-based Psychometric Assessments for Seafarers

Make better data driven crewing decisions


SafeMetrix assessments help to improve maritime safety by making data-driven decisions about the suitability of crew based on their soft and cognitive skills. The assessments can be used in support of crew recruitment or promotion and to establish targeted training for the development of personnel.

MET-3S: Soft Skills for Seafarers
MET-CSS: Cognitive Skills for Seafarers
SafeMetrix Personal Development Package

Assess maritime non-technical skills

Safe shipping relies on crew members to have the right personal attributes for optimal performance, from captains with strong leadership skills to deck officers with ability to cope under pressure. SafeMetrix allows employers to assess the non-technical skills of their crew.


Improve safety on board

Psychometric assessments greatly enhance maritime safety. By ensuring crew have the appropriate soft and cognitive skills appropriate to their rank, the risk of human error leading to accidents at sea is reduced.

Make data-driven decisions

SafeMetrix provides insights into skills beyond those found on a CV. Assessments deliver objective data on the personal attributes of individual crew members and their likely performance on board. SafeMetrix takes the guess work out of the recruitment, development and promotion process.


Enhance career development

Reporting insights support career progression by identifying opportunities for further development. In tandem with technical training, targeted and skill-specific training creates well-rounded and competent crew members who can operate safely and efficiently.

Joern Clodius

“SafeMetrix is now crucial because we know that if we are improving the quality of the crew based on these assessments of non-technical skills, then we are also improving safety. What SafeMetrix does is give us more confidence in recruitment decisions because it has shifted the focus away from technical skills alone. If we are more confident in the recruitment decision, we are more confident of safe operations.”

Joern Clodius

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