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Unusual Maritime Laws Around the Globe

Unusual Maritime Laws Around the Globe

Maritime law dates back to the earliest times of shipping commerce. When the need to send a large volume of goods to various countries grew bigger, the demand to regulate and protect came in effect. During such exchanges the risk of accidents was high, financial losses were resulting because of possible accidents, and then maritime lawyers started making appearances.

While maritime law involves the rules and regulations of each country, it is interesting to know that throughout history, some unusual, obscure if we can also say maritime laws, came in effect. Some of them are still out there, ruling the seas, while others have expired.

Check out some of the most unusual maritime laws we discovered, along with exciting research and prepare to be amazed.

Algeria: Dental Products

Interestingly enough, the law in Algeria prohibits the import of dental goods. No white smiles here.

Albania: Extravagant Clothing

If the clothing imported in Albania does not match with the Albanian taste or the country’s style, it is prohibited. So, who is the fashion expert in Albania?

Australia: Prisoner Goods

If you are importing any goods made by prisoners to Australia, think again, as the law prohibits this. What we are asking though is that do these goods come with production certificates?…

Austria: Lottery Tickets

Many countries use this law to prohibit gambling, so do not try to send any lottery tickets to Austria. They will never reach their destination and who knows if they are the winning tickets?!

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Barbados: Camouflage Gear

You could get in big trouble, or you could get your friends in trouble if you try to send them any clothing or accessories in camouflage prints. Do not even try this one out.

Belgium: Ink Cartridges

Did you know that empty ink cartridges can be used to create improvised explosive devices? No wonder Belgium forbids their import in the country.

Bulgaria: Musical Cards

Why would a country ban musical cards, no one knows. This law has no explanation, written or… musical!

France: Sweetener

Perhaps the French are concerned about their citizens’ health, and they forbid the import of Saccharine, the artificial sweetener, in the form of powder or tablet. Moreover, it is interesting to know that not only the French applied this law, but also Brazil, Greece and Spain.

Iceland: Fishing Equipment

Any fishing equipment sent to Iceland must be accompanied by a relevant certificate of disinfection issued by an authorised veterinary officer; otherwise, it will not enter the country no matter the…bait!

India: Remote Controlled Toys

Any remote-controlled toys such as helicopters are banned from the country, in case they interfere with the communication of Indian security agencies.

Italy: Musical Instruments

Would you believe that Italians forbid the import of any musical instruments or even parts of them? The law applies for clocks as well. We wonder what the correlation of the two would be…

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Japan: Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays or any medicine containing pseudoephedrine is forbidden for import in the country since the specific substance is banned.

Jordan: Tents

In case you want to camp in Jordan, then you better be prepared since you need a special permit to import your tent!

Nigeria: Wheelbarrows

The combination of wheelbarrows and plastic flowers is strictly forbidden in Nigeria. We would assume the country’s officials care for the bad Feng Shui as far as the plastic flowers are concerned. What would be the concern about the wheelbarrows though?

North Korea: Everything!

Everything is strictly prohibited for import to this country!

Peru: Toys

No toys are allowed for import to Peru. No dolls either. Kids there must have other means of entertainment.

Singapore: Chewing gum

This is said to be a historic ban since 1992 to be precise when chewing gum was prohibited in the country. In 2004 though there has been an exception for therapeutic, dental or nicotine chewing gum, but it has to be bought from a registered pharmacist or a doctor.

South Africa: Matching Shoes

The law (or perhaps fashion?) states that the import of matching shoes is illegal for South Africa. The same law applies to Mexico and India as well. No matching shoe enters here!

Uganda: Shaving Brushes

You can be sure to leave your shaving accessories behind if you are traveling to Uganda. It seems that the country banned the import of shaving brushes due to the risk that the hairs used to make them may be infected with anthrax.

USA: Kinder Eggs

No Kinder surprises to this country. A law in the 1930s banned the import of this sweet surprise, precisely for the surprise egg inside the chocolate egg, stating explicitly that it contains a “non-nutritive” object.

Venezuela – Feeding Bottles

Medical professionals did not approve of this law, prohibiting the import of feeding bottles in the country of Venezuela. In an attempt to encourage breastfeeding, the country’s officials believed this was the way to go.

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