Successful Companies Which Adopted E-Learning
4 Successful Companies Which Adopted e-Learning

4 Successful Companies Which Adopted e-Learning

As a company owner, you know first-hand that staying up to date and most importantly providing quality education to your employees is vital for the company’s growth.
Nearly half of the most profitable and successful world-known companies in various business sectors, apply e-learning for their employees’ training. Following, we are presenting four popular companies from various business sectors, which adopted e-learning successfully in their daily operations. Find out about their very interesting success stories.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was founded in 1996 and is a popular online accommodations reservation platform with more than 28,425,726 listings, in 148,470 destinations, in 228 countries worldwide. More than 1,550,000 reservations are processed each day, while the website is available in a total of 43 languages.

The company saw e-learning as the ideal solution to help their new recruiters to advance their technical skills, which are necessary for their daily tasks. Following the implementation there was a significant increase in the engagement of employees who continuously spend a significant amount of time educating themselves on the platform.

Booking online applies e-learning for its employees

Toyota Motor Corporation

A Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. In 2017, the company employed 364,445 people worldwide and, as of September 2018, was the sixth-largest company in the world by revenue.

The company implemented online courses for its employees in 2005 and continues to do so to this very day. Their e-learning programme includes 150 classes for their certified staff, as well as for non-technical employees and overall the training is applied for more than 18,000 motor technicians and engineers, in more than 50 countries.

‘I’ve found that getting people to embrace e-learning is much more about change management. It’s bigger than making people use the system; it’s about changing the way they think about getting information.’Sann René Glaza, Toyota Motor Europe’s senior manager for the Learning Technologies Group stated

E-learning for Toyota Motor Corporation


An American company operating a global online payments system since 1998, supporting online money transfers with more than 100 currencies. As of 2016, the company offers electronic money transfers for more than 188 million people.

The company embraced e-learning techniques for its employees by investing significantly in their educational programmes. PayPal uses social media like Facebook and Twitter’s Periscope to create private groups and invites experts to teach their employees with short duration classes.

The company saw significant results and cost savings since applying e-learning methods for its employees. The number of their active learners doubled, and the company reduced expenses on corporate training by 25%, due to e-learning methodologies and applications.

‘It’s worth investing if you want top people to stay longer and do their job better.’ - Derek Hann, Chief learning officer at PayPal.

Paypal embraces e-learning techniques for its employees


A multi-billion international company, one of the leaders in the oil and gas industry, values online training for its employees and proves it with its success. The company is operating in more than 70 countries around the world, with an average of 92,000 employees at various locations.

To reach all of its employees effectively and increase their performance, the company created the Shell Open University. With unlimited access to online courses and other educational material such as webcasts, e-books and others, employees can evaluate their knowledge before and after completing the programme.

Shell values online training for its employees

E-Learning for The Maritime Industry

The world’s largest companies are changing the traditional education model, and their success proves that the choice of e-learning methodology applications is the right way to go. The maritime industry cannot but keep up with the rapid changes and adopt new, modern and more intuitive means of teaching its driving force.

SafeLearn was developed to specifically answer the education challenges of the industry, by offering a wide range of accredited maritime-specific e-learning courses. A modern alternative to traditional classroom-based training with cost-effective solutions, available 24/7 from anywhere around the globe.

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