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<mark>ON-DEMAND EVENT</mark> – Continuous Development of Seafarer Soft & Cognitive Skills
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ON-DEMAND EVENT – Continuous Development of Seafarer Soft & Cognitive Skills

Join our guest speakers in this online event to learn more about the first complete digital solution for the continuous development of seafarer soft and cognitive skills.

Throughout recent years, various technological advancements, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the seafarer profession’s very nature have contributed greatly to helping organizations recognize and understand that being a successful seafarer requires a unique set of rank-specific skills. The challenges faced by the industry in 2020 have acted as an additional catalyst in the shifts in perspective and the elevated importance of what used to be considered “soft” skills, such as resilience, communication, and flexibility, to list a few and their role in the maritime industry.

As a response to the ever-growing demand for seafarers equipped with a specific set of non-technical skills, Safebridge has partnered with a leading expert in human resource development services, CRC HR Solutions Ltd, to create the first truly complete and industry-specific solution for the targeted and continuous development of such skills amongst the seafarers.

In attending this online event, you will meet the key experts involved in creating this solution and:

  • Understand the concept of non-technical skills assessment
  • Learn about the appropriate methods of developing such skills
  • See the conclusions drawn from our extensive research in the maritime industry and
  • Finally, hear about the new and complete solution firsthand from the experts involved in its development and learn how your organization can benefit from its application.

Emmanolia Kolias
Emmanolia Kolias
Global Sales Leader, Safebridge

Emmanolia Kolias is the acting Global Sales Leader of Safebridge. Having worked in various leadership positions alongside other industry leaders she has developed strong experience and understanding of her field. She is a proud member of WISTA (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association) and is an active advocate for diversity, training and development within the workplace.

Valentinos Steliou
Valentinos Steliou
SafeLearn & SafeMetrix Product Manager, Safebridge

Valentinos Steliou is responsible for the life cycle and development of SafeLearn and SafeMetrix product lines at Safebridge. He is leading the cross-functional team to deliver online training and assessment products that meet the needs of the maritime industry.

Evi Argyrou
Evi Argyrou
Counseling Psychologist, SafeMetrix

Evi Argyrou is a Counseling Psychologist currently coordinating the research and development initiatives related to the SafeMetrix product line of Safebridge. She is responsible for preparing company Integrated Reports of seafarer’s psychometric assessments and performs various statistical data analyses. Evi holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Michael Charakis
Michael Charakis
Managing Director, Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd.

Michael Charakis is the Managing Director of Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. He has extensive experience in business consulting and project management. Since 2003, he is actively involved in Research & Development projects (EU & National) and has developed multiple innovative and tailor-made management and business training programs specialized in various sectors.

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