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Safebridge launches online product-specific ECDIS training course for Maris
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Safebridge launches online product-specific ECDIS training course for Maris

Hamburg, GER – 27 November 2014

Safebridge, the online-based simulation training specialist, has now added the MARIS ECDIS900 to its extensive portfolio of online Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) training courses.

MARIS, a world leader in ECDIS technology, has appointed Safebridge and its sister company MSG MarineServe GmbH as approved providers of type-specific ECDIS training courses. Safebridge and MSG have worked closely with MARIS to create online simulator training courses for the MARIS ECDIS900 system. The courses will be available through the ECDIS Training Consortium (ETC) of partners worldwide and through individual Internet connections.

The courses provide live training via an Internet connection into the Safebridge Internet cloud server infrastructure.

Safebridge’s unique approach allows trainees to become familiar with operation of specific ECDIS models using the original manufacturer’s own software. The course includes guided lessons, open freeplay and a certification test to demonstrate competency. On successful completion of the test, the student is issued a manufacturer-specific certificate for that product.

Safebridge Managing Director Ulf Steden, said, “We see product-specific training as critically important as the ECDIS carriage requirements come into force.  When navigation officers move to a new ship, our online courses make it easy for them to become quickly familiar with the ECDIS installed on the ship without the expense of attending a classroom course or simulator at a training center.”

“Our goal is for every navigator around the world to get consistent practical real-world experience with each system’s operating procedures,” Steden added. “Our unique approach allows students to practice and gain confidence using the actual controls and displays of the system.”

“This agreement is a significant step in our strategy to remove obstacles of technology and availability, so that customers can meet new IMO rules with quality-assured product-specific ECDIS training,” said Steinar Gundersen, MARIS Deputy Chief Executive (Corporate). “The ‘virtual ECDIS’ offers the full functionality of the MARIS ECDIS900 in a hands-on experience that matches what can be expected onboard ship.”

“We already have product-specific ECDIS900 training available through over 120 training institutes worldwide,” said Gundersen. “With this agreement, we can deliver quality-assured MARIS ECDIS900 training live to any location on a scalable basis.” 

With ECDIS already mandatory for newbuildings, regulations requiring ECDIS onboard existing ships began to come into effect from July 1, 2014, after which all passenger ships above 500gt must have ECDIS installed by their first subsequent equipment survey. The same rules will extend to tankers of above 3,000gt from July 1, 2015. The new regulations require navigators to have product-specific training.

According to a report issued recently by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, over 8,500 tankers will be required to comply with the ECDIS carriage requirement by July 1, 2015, and 58 percent of these ships are still not compliant.

MARIS, which commands a 20 percent share of the ECDIS market of existing ships, established its status as the largest OEM of ECDIS software in late 2013 following an agreement with Chinese supplier New Sunrise.

About Safebridge

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Safebridge is an innovative e-learning company formed in 2009 to develop online bridge equipment simulation training solutions for the maritime industry. The company evolved from the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Initiative under the Leonardo da Vinci Program, which ran a project on this subject. Safebridge’s staff includes professional mariners with years of experience at sea. For more information, visit


MARIS is a limited company with its head office in Tønsberg, Norway, a recognized center for maritime information technology. MARIS is owned by Navico, the worlds #1 provider of marine electronics to the recreational segment and an innovative force within the commercial marine market. MARIS has supplied more than 10,000 navigation systems to customers in more than 40 countries.

The combination of Simrad, Lowrance and B&G brands has made Navico a truly global company with products including navigation, fish finders, radars, auto-steering, communication and racing performance systems for the marine market.

The roots of MARIS can be traced to the start of the maritime information technology explosion in the mid-1960s. MARIS is a system house with world class experience in onboard systems. Innovative engineering has added several ´world firsts´ to its global list of milestones. Among these are the MARIS ´Wheelmark´ certified ECDIS and PC Radar/ARPA,  IEC 60945 certified Flat Panel Computer and VDR/ECDIS COMBO. MARIS offers user friendly products and it is seen as a technology leader. Learn more at