Safebridge has been shortlisted for the Training Award 2018! - Safebridge
Safebridge has been shortlisted for the Training Award 2018!
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Safebridge has been shortlisted for the Training Award 2018!

We are delighted to have been nominated for the SMART4SEA Training Award 2018 as the organization that provided a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution in any aspect of Training with respect to smart shipping.

Why you should vote for us 

We offer the privilege to access virtual machines to interact with the software of the real device. Our training portfolio and courses on a web-based learning platform are continuously improved and updated by nautical- and e-learning experts.

Ensure quality

Since 2009 Safebridge offers interactive online training to the professional shipping industry in cooperation agreements with the leading manufacturers of ECDIS, thus the certificates we issue are all manufacturer approved. The training follows the strictest industry standards and legal regulations, which ensure the high quality of our products.

Product development on demand and experience

Training budgets are significant and our clients care to spend them wisely, so we help them laser-focus their resources by providing tools that diagnose the specific needs of each individual. The Competence Assessment Tool (CAT) by Safebridge now gives you insight into the non-technical, soft skills of your crew to help you pick the right training for the right person.

Expanding the product portfolio

Our continuous growth offered us the opportunity to also develop and provide mobile training for the leisure boat market for bridge equipment on sailing vessels, yachts and fishing vessels – SafeYacht.

Always there for you

The qualifications and training certificates in the maritime industry are always urgently needed, so our training is accessible anywhere at any time and with a 24/7 support.

If you like our services, we would be honored to get your vote. It is very simple – takes less than a minute to do. You do not even have to sign up anything. Just click on our Logo here.