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Online now! Wärtsilä SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platinum 2.1
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Online now! Wärtsilä SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platinum 2.1

Feel confident on board. Meet a new version of type-specific ECDIS training for Wärtsilä. We happily announce the release of our e-learning course Wärtsilä SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platinum 2.1. The training course exceeds the demands of a standard ECDIS by circumstantial support functions for effective route planning and monitoring.

Wärtsilä’s latest type-approved ECDIS incorporates the latest hardware and software as well as a user-friendly graphical interface. Type-specific training courses provide officers who have the required knowledge to use this ECDIS for watchkeeping and in accordance with the regulations of STCW and the ISM Code. To make the training course easy to follow and as effective as possible, “Wärtsilä ECDISPILOT Platinum 2.1” consists of 3 main features: GuideMe, FreePlay and TestMe.

Click here to get the new training course and get certified for Wärsilä SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platium 2.1!

About Wärtsilä: Wärtsilä SAM is a manufacturer and supplier of maritime electrical and electronic systems to shipyards, shipping companies, international navies and commercial shipyards headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. With over 85 locations in 19 countries, Wärtsilä is a cohesive, global partner with extensive worldwide capabilities and a proven track record in delivering the highest level of technology, service and integration.