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IMPA Dakar 2018 was one great event
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IMPA Dakar 2018 was one great event

Safebridge was represented at the International Association of Maritime Pilots 2018 in Dakar, Senegal with great success. Mr. Razvan Braghesiu, MNI, Content Manager of Safebridge introduced our brand-new training course at the Congress: ECDIS Training exclusively designed for Maritime Pilots. Two very successful presentations took place during the Congress, which attracted a great number of visitors.

The event which took place from the 22nd – 27th of April 2018, in Senegal, featured more than 20 exhibitors and maritime professionals who shared their vision and ideas concerning the maritime pilots’ continuous professional development. The event attracted delegates from all over the world: Brazil, Argentina, USA, UK, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Mr. Razvan Braghesiu shares his thoughts about his experience at the Congress in an interesting conversation which follows:

Share with us your general impressions about IMPA Dakar 2018.

It was an excellent organization. Everything went smoothly and the organizers took very good care of us. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of maritime experts and share ideas on many topics, especially about the maritime pilots’ continuous professional development. The presentations were very interesting and touched a lot of sensitive and important issues concerning the industry. I learned a lot of new things and I am looking forward to the next Congress.

What were the main topics discussed at the Congress?  

The topics discussed concerned legal and organisational issues as well as the challenges that bigger ships are causing. Additionally, all the latest technologies of the industry were mentioned, the use of PPU, training and continuous professional development of the maritime pilots.


What are the main issues maritime pilots are facing nowadays?

That is a very hard question to answer. Nevertheless, the words ‘training’ and ‘continuous professional development’ were mentioned quite often during various presentations and discussions. Ships are getting bigger and bigger, but the ports do not or just cannot keep up with this rapid size growth in order to develop the much-needed infrastructure. Moreover, the technology onboard the ships grows with a fast pace and shipowners do invest a lot of money there.

All these issues state quite a serious problem for the maritime pilots who are trying to manoeuvre gigantic ships in difficult and challenging areas. There is no substitute for training in this regard and it is our duty as training providers, to give maritime pilots the necessary and the best possible resources.

How can we improve the pilots’ well-being, professional development and safety?

In terms of professional development, first, we have to ask them what they need and understand at a much deeper level the challenges and constraints they face every day. Afterwards, we have to provide them with the necessary resources to overcome those challenges so they have time to focus more on the task at hand.

It is very difficult to accomplish this, but the key word here is “resources”. We have to ensure a platform of resources and not just add a bulk of various types of training and courses. When one has access to the appropriate resources then he is more adaptable and able to learn and develop.

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