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Explore ECDIS more confidently – start from the basics
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Explore ECDIS more confidently – start from the basics

Safebridge proudly presents the launch of a brand-new training course – ECDIS Basics. The course has been developed for the officers who are looking for an easy-to-follow supplement or refresher to the IMO generic course (IMO Model Course 1.27) and for anyone who requires knowledge of the general features of ECDIS.

Developing an ECDIS mindset

ECDIS, as a tool for navigation, can never replace a mariner’s navigational skills. During the training, students will be introduced to the benefits and potential disadvantages of the ECDIS as well as its common features and functionalities. The course has been designed for a web-based learning environment and it is divided into seven modules. Starting from a basic ECDIS overview to familiarisation with international and national requirements, course participants will become acquainted with the objectives of each module by following the units.

One of the main components of the ECDIS Basic course – flexibility of learning anytime and anywhere. Access to the advanced e-learning platform enables the student to explore ECDIS Basics regardless of his/her geographical location. In addition to the quiz after each module, the student can take the online self-assessment at the very end of the course in order to obtain a certificate of completion for the ECDIS Basics course.

Based on the book

The latest Safebridge course is based on the book “ECDIS Basics” by Prof. Ralph Becker-Heins. The author is a Professor of Navigation at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen and has been appointed Honorary Professor of Navigation at the Kherson State Maritime Institute. Prof. Ralph Becker-Heins previously served in the German Navy and the merchant marine, reaching the rank of master before coming ashore to assume the role of crew manager in one of the major ship management companies.

The ECDIS Basics course is part of Safebridge’s Training Hub, the online place featuring various e-learning courses, suitable for professional mariners and recreational sailors. 

The course is available from 50.00 EUR per training.

If you require any further information please contact [email protected].