20 years of MSG - How Safebridge was founded - Safebridge
20 years of MSG – How Safebridge was founded
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20 years of MSG – How Safebridge was founded

2018 marks 20 years of MSG – MarineServe GmbH in the maritime industry. Throughout the years, specific essential facts marked the course of the company and its development towards setting the foundations for the creation of Safebridge, in 2009.

Specifically, MSG MarineServe GmbH was founded in 1998 as an independent training provider. Moving on, in 2000 the company was one of the first training providers in Germany to offer the SSO and CSO training course, approved by the Flag State authorities of Germany (BSH), UK (MCA) and Liberia (LISCR).

The first German Shipping Law course

In 2007, the German Safe Manning Regulations were adapted to match the European law, and MSG was the company offering the first German shipping law course for EU-Master Mariners.

2009 Safebridge was founded

It was the year 2009 when Safebridge entered the maritime world. While MSG MarineServe was focusing on classroom courses, Safebridge completed the training product range with a web-based learning platform.

In parallel with Safebridge, MSG was able to sign cooperation agreements with leading manufacturers of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

ETC – A significant milestone for MSG

An important milestone in the course of MSG, took place in 2011 when the company created ETC – ECDIS Training Consortium, delivering a standardised ECDIS training program in cooperation with leading training providers worldwide. This ensured uniform, high standards of ECDIS training for international officers all around the world.

While in parallel operation with MSG, Safebridge published its first ECDIS TST online course in 2012 and went on to refresh its corporate design, establishing a new brand identity.

MSG and Safebridge join forces

Continuing a successful course in the industry, Safebridge, with its online simulation training, grew and exceeded the success of MSG, and in result, both companies merged their range of services.

Today, Safebridge is the umbrella brand of ETC offering both classroom and online courses. The company went further to expand its business, offering cutting-edge IT solutions for e-learninge-assessment and e-certification.