maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification

maritime training - E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Certification


ECDIS Type-Specific Refresher Courses

Refresh navigators’ knowledge on specific ECDIS types! The refresher courses are precisely developed for deck officers who already own a Safebridge manufacturer-approved certificate for the respective ECDIS type and need to refresh their knowledge.
Navigators will also brush up their knowledge on the latest software updates for the selected courses. It is common that deck officers do not use an ECDIS type for a period of time since they change ships frequently and often encounter a different ECDIS on board. Although they already own a certificate on the specific ECDIS type, they need to familiarise themselves with the ECDIS again after working with a different one for a while.

Duration: Approx. 16 hours

Timeframe: 5 days access

Language: English

Assessment: Interactive test

Fees: 60,00 €

Approval: By manufacturer

Features: GuideMe, FreePlay, TestMe

Prerequisites: Safebridge certified for the specific course

Educational objective: Type-specific familiarisation with a specific ECDIS module

Target audience: Nautical personnel dealing with ECDIS

Delivery methods: E-learning (online course, download course with online test)

Alternatives: Instructor-led via ETC (classroom, webinar, on-board)


User Interface
ECDIS Basic Features
Chart work
Route Planning
Route Monitoring
Chart Maintenance
Backup Arrangements and Data Management
Navigational Tools and Other Related Information
Type-Specific ECDIS Course vs. Refresher Course: Type-Specific ECDIS Course Type-Specific ECDIS Refresher Course
Duration Approx. 16 hours Approx. 16 hours
Time frame 3-week access 5-day access
Prerequisites Generic ECDIS training course Safebridge-certified for the specific course
Price €188 €60


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