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Your Challenge

Navigational officers are frequently exposed to varying systems and equipment onboard the vessels they operate. This includes the ECDIS, which is operated surprisingly differently based on its manufacturer despite offering the same functionality. In turn, this creates a challenge and a potential risk to the vessel’s safe navigation, should the officer be unfamiliar with the exact equipment model on board.

Our Solution

ECDIS Type-Specific online courses by SafeLearn aim to familiarise the officer with the exact equipment type and ensure that he/she is confident in performing all ECDIS related tasks. Each ECDIS Type-Specific course is broken down into 10 core modules:

  • User Interface
  • ECDIS Basic Features
  • Sensor Management/Monitoring
  • Alert Managemen
  • Chart Management
  • Digital Passage Planning
  • Voyage Planning
  • Voyage Monitoring
  • Bakcup Arrangements, Logs & Data
  • Navigational Tools and Functions
Accreditations & Approvals
ECDIS manufacturers

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